January 2013

An Unexpected Lesson

Picture: (not in order) Charlotte Southard, Devain Allen, Gary Bailey, Todd Leighton, Samantha Leighton, Darrean Thornton, Kim McClintick, Teagan Donahue, Devante Stevens, Dioria Sockabasin, missing from picture, Sean Ryan, William McGlaughlin, and Kylee Caruso. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon).

Calais American Legion

Hope everyone survived the cold snap! If anyone is trying to obtain a copy of their DD-214- Record of Discharge. I have the e-mail address available and the form needed to obtain it. I am trying to organize a packet for up-to-date forms and contacts. 

Bentley the American Bulldog – An Appeal for Support From Far & Near!!

Introducing our “Top Dog” Bentley, a 3-4 yr old American Bulldog who suffered from an untreated ear infection so severe that his ears were fused inside. Post-surgery in a wonderful foster home with other dogs, Bentley has become Mr Personality – sometimes goofy, always exuberant and affectionate.

Beckett Center News

Monday, Jan. 21, started out chit-chatting about our weekend, then who wanted to go bowling left for the Spednic Club in Baileyville. Some who stayed back played Bingo. In the afternoon the group had great fun having basketball practice at WCCC.

Grand Lake Stream

The groomers are on their way to keep the trails in good condition for snowmobiling in the Grand Lake Stream Area.  The Grand Lake Snowmobile Club takes the responsibility to maintaining the trails very seriously.  The club house is open Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 3 for great food and a place to get warm if needed.


Sharon Frost


Handwriting is a very important skill. If your handwriting is neat and clear, others can understand what you have written. It is so important that January 31st is National Handwriting Day!