March 2013

Pope Francis

Pope Francis, the first pontiff of the New World, has been highly acclaimed as a “man of the people.” He has rejected many of the frills of the papacy as he makes his distinction of being a man of humility.

To the Editor

To The Editor:

Recently I visited Calais High School with the intention of getting the staff and students interested in participating in our first Bay of Fundy International Marathon.


Arline Flood


I have no complaints about the weather this bright sunny morning. The driveway is bare and muddy right now but that’s better than ice and snow.

Beckett Center News

Monday started with some going bowling at the Spednic Club, while the others stayed back and played bingo. In the afternoon we headed to WCCC for basketball practice and skill drills. They played a hard fought 5-on-5 game.


Sharon Frost



Easter blessings to all my readers.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed “When I Grow Up” in the Bangor paper last week. Amazing, the imagination they have as kindergarten and first and second graders. Their drawings just warmed my heart. Their keen little minds are so precious.

Grand Lake Stream

Dave McCullough


Many thanks to all the folks that supported another great snowmobile season at the West Grand Snowmobile Club clubhouse.  The food was 5 stars, the companionship outstanding and now that the season has closed we can look forward to another great season in 2014! Thanks to all!

Calais Lioness News

The March meeting for the Calais Lioness was held on the 6th at the Calais Motor Inn. We had a great turnout for a cool evening with 23 members and guests, Kristy Elsemore, Rita Lally, Georgie Kendall and Mary Elizabeth McAdams. 

Calais District Court

Cody R. Adams of New Sharon, ME. Minor consuming liquor. Dismissed.

Karen Lynn Bartlett of Pembroke, ME. Operate while license suspended or revoked, prior. Jury trial.

Samuel C. Bell of Calais, ME. Operating under the influence. Dismissed.

Jamie A. Black of Robbinston, ME. Minor consuming liquor. Fine $200.

Calais Fire-EMS

By Kaileigh Deacon


The Calais Fire-EMS is a well established group of people that are known in the community and by job description help the community. But what do these dedicated men and women really do?