April 2013

Alewife Bill Passed Unanimously

By Michael Dougherty


At the end of January, three different bills with the goal of returning the alewife to its natural habitat, were proposed to the state legislature. This past week the bills were passed unanimously paving the way for the alewives (also called gaspereau) return to the upper reaches of the St. Croix River.

To the Editor

I am writing to show my support for the two bills my Representative of district 30, Lawrence Lockman, is sponsoring. These two bills would make Maine a Right-to-Work state.

Almost half of our 50 states have passed Right-to-Work bills, and those states are seeing definite growth in their businesses and economy. 

Gov. LePage’s Budget Would Undermine Public Education

We can be proud of Maine’s many shared values.  One of our top priorities is the education of our children.  Striving to make our public schools the best they can be should be a top priority.  Our children are the future of this state and we can only ensure their prosperity if we invest in their education. 

Governor’s Proposals Negatively Impacting Property Taxes

The Legislative Bulletin (Vol. XXXV No. 12 March 29, 2013) published each week by the Maine Municipal Association has printed a list of the many ways in which Governor LePage’s budget proposals would impact all property owners and therefore, municipalities in the State of Maine. The proposals, if passed, would

New Logo for the Cross-Border Higher Education Partnership

Educators from both sides of the international border unveiled the new logo for the Cross-Border Higher Education Partnership. CHEP was formally created in 2009 to increase the student retention rate of high school graduates and to promote the cross-border region as a post –secondary educational destination for American, Canadian and international students.  From left are St.

Calais Police Report

John Burke, 21, of Princeton was arrested 4/5/13 on North Street for a warrant.

Sean Stinson, 41, of Princeton was arrested 4/2/13 on North Street for a warrant.

Bradley Sapiel, 33, was summonsed 4/7/13 on Washington Street for O.A.S.


Dorothy Johnson


The weather has been cold and damp for a week, but today the sun is shining with the promise of better weather to come.  I moved some leaves so my crocuses would have an easier time pushing through the ground.  When they did show their blooms, they saw the snow and said, “No thanks.”

“Meet Your Downtown Neighbor” event is Friday, April 12 at Kendall’s Fine Jewelers

Kendall’s Fine Jewelers is hosting this month’s “Meet Your Downtown Neighbor” event on Friday, Apr. 12 at 5 p.m. This open house offers people, especially those that work during the daytime, a chance to become acquainted with the business and the people who operate it. Kendall’s is located at 293 Main St.