January 2014

Calais Bookshop Selects “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helprin for Feb. 12 Reading Group

 Calais Bookshop has selected “Winter’s Tale”, by Mark Helprin, for its next reading group on Wednesday, Feb. 12 when the first half of the book will be discussed and the second half will be discussed the following month on Mar. 12. 


Arline Flood


After a brilliant moonlit night, it’s cloudy again on this Monday morning. The snow has added up and is sticking to everything. And there is a planned power outage from 10 - 1 today. We’re heading for Calais!

City Unveils New Website

The much anticipated new website has been unveiled for the City of Calais. With the recent upsurge in the community wanting (and requesting) a place to find updated information on the local government and not being able to read or have access to public documents, this comes as a relief to all. 

Chili Cook-Off A Huge Success

Famous chefs who put their spices and reputations on the line Saturday at the Chili Cook-Off are (lef to right) John Gallant, Rhonda Oakes, Rachel Hamilton, Pastor Randy Chretien, Fred Sprague and Ron McAlpine. Sheri Emery also entered the contest but was not available for the picture. These willing volunteers were appreciated for their hard work and donations making this a successful event.

2013 ACHS Activities

Seven new articles were prepared in 2013 and soon will be on our web site, <mainething.com/alexander> A long list of place names in Alexander will not only identify the places, but also in many cases describe where the name came from. Who knows where to find Henderson Swamp or Pine Ridge Road? 

Calais High School

Quinn Sluzenski

This is a very important week at Calais High School.  All students are taking their midterms, which will greatly influence their first semester grades.  Make sure to wish your kids luck on these important tests.

Robbinston School

Kathy Mekelburg


Parents are reminded that since the cold weather is here, please remember to dress your child appropriately, including extra socks and pants. There was no basketball practice on Monday because it was Martin Luther King Day. Friday January 24th is an early release day.

2013 Annual Report To The Citizens Of Washington County Submitted by Sheriff Donnie Smith

During 2013, the Sheriff’s Office worked hard to meet goals around training, department cohesion, and community involvement.  Our dedicated employees show their commitment to our agency and the community through their willingness to work with other agencies and the care with which they approach their work.

Cupid’s Plunge

CALAIS-There will be a lot of love at this year’s 14th annual Washington County Community College dip because the theme is Valentine’s Day.

The event is sponsored by the Student Senate and the motto this year is “Cupid’s Plunge.”