January 2014

St. Croix River - 1900’s

The weather finally broke zero yesterday after several days but on the way up, not down, which tells us it’s been pretty cold for a winter that’s only a couple of weeks old. The river is freezing and, if it isn’t already, will soon be solid and impassable which for us in the 21st century is not problem particularly.

Down East EMS Report

Down East EMS concluded 2013 by responding to almost 150 calls in December from bases in Eastport, Lubec, Machiasport and Woodland.

For the year our service ran 2143 calls.  These were nearly evenly divided between emergency calls to homes and businesses in Washington County and transfers to hospitals throughout Maine and points beyond.

Spend a Year with the Bible in Washington County, Maine

Did you know that King James of England ordered the Bible to be translated into English so that Christians in every Church in the land could read it through together in a year?  Here in Washington County the Association of Congregational Churches is the custodian of one of these original King James Bibles.


An alumni basketball game to benefit the Alexander/Crawford Scholarship Trust will be held Saturday, December 28 beginning at 1 pm in the Alexander Elementary School gym. The scholarship is awarded to a high school senior from either Alexander or Crawford.