August 2016

Dining with Diabetes Down East​ Scheduled for Calais​

Calais, Maine — University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s free, four-week Dining with Diabetes Down East series will be offered in Calais in September. The session begins Wednesday, September 7, 10:00 a.m. - Noon, at the Palmer Lane Estates in Calais. Remaining dates are September 14, 21, and 28.

Cover Crops for Winter

I know, you are thinking that I might have lost it this week. Why on earth would the backyard gardener need a cover crop? After all, you grow in a small garden bed, not a field. 

The truth is, cover crops are the foundation of a good garden, no matter what the size. 

Gardening for the Pantry

Just what do we garden for? For some of us, it’s to beautify the yard; for others, it’s to eat fresh salads and bits of things during the summer. For me, it’s to fill the pantry. When I plan and plant the gardens, my planning is how to fill the cupboard for the winter months.

Senator David Burns Statement on Announcement of DHHS Calais Office Job Relocations

 On Friday, July 29th, employees at the Calais Department and Health and Human Services Office (DHHS) received notice that jobs are being relocated to Machias. Senator David Burns (R-Washington), issued the following statement upon learning of the announcement:


Linda Baniszeski

We have enjoyed nearly a full month of beautiful weather.  Perhaps we could use a bit more rain. It was delightful that when our house was full of guests throughout July. It was sunny and only rained at night.  It doesn’t get more perfect than that.