October 2017

Meddybemps News

Linda Baniszeski 


It looks as if fall is fully upon us with cooler temperatures, blowing leaves and whitecaps on the lake brought to us from Canada.  This is considered to be beautiful weather by many of us.  

Calais News

Sharon Frost



The trees are keeping colorful. Some are still mowing their lawns. There are lots of deer out and about.

The little ones are getting excited about Halloween. All the decorations and fancy costumes are in the stores.

From Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons: Warning

Very uncomfortable conversation alert. Parents, there has not been a year go by yet since I have been in Woodland that a sobbing young girl hasn't come to me to tell me that somebody she trusted has taken nude photos of her (or she has sent to a boy) and they are now on the internet. I have had very good luck having them removed from the web sites...so far.