School News for November 29th issue




Geri Reynolds



November is quickly coming to an end and December promises to be just as busy.

Reading teachers and aides in grades kindergarten through six spent Monday and Tuesday of last week involved in professional development with our new Journeys reading program.  Presenter Margy Clarke spent day one focusing on helping teachers consider various plans for whole group and small group instruction.  These types of groups are used every day, but the amount of time in each type of group varies based on the particular day of instruction in a weekly lesson.  For instance days 1 through 3 need more time for whole group instruction and days 4 and 5 allow for more time for small groups each week.  Ms. Clarke also highlighted the key instructional elements that needed to be specifically covered each week and how much time to spend with groups of varying abilities.  She also covered specific pieces of our new program that both supplement and enhance learning – items that were taking a backseat to instruction as teachers got used to the pieces directly related to the main program.  A Word Study Guide gives more lessons on spelling, phonics, and vocabulary.  The Comprehensive Language and Literacy Guide allows teachers to have more freedom in the presentation of reading instruction with groups.  In the previous years of Reading First, it was expected that reading would occur through direct instruction.  Now with our new program, reading instruction is more flexible in terms of the groups needs.  Ms. Clarke helped us think about and plan different ways to instruct and manage reading.

The second day of our professional development reviewed access to, teaching grammar and writing, and assessment.  Thinkcentral is an online resource for teachers and students where textbooks, practice books, instructional visuals, assignments, tests, and data can be accessed.  Then teachers used their knowledge of Journeys to list opportunities for writing throughout the program.  Ms. Clarke gave an explanation of how writing is taught during each unit of reading or over the course of 5 weeks.  Each unit focuses on one form of writing.  The first 3 weeks center on brief writing experiences, or mini lessons, with examples gleaned from the author of the reading main selection.  The last 2 weeks have more extensive writing pieces which are also tested.  She stressed making sure that time is allocated to completing the last two weeks of writing within the unit.  Weekly Tests and Benchmark or Unit Tests were also reviewed and elaborated upon.  She noted other resources that could be used for testing and information about student’s learning.

The Journeys professional development was offered at a prime time as we implement this new program.  Not only did we reaffirm what we already know about teaching reading and teaching with our new materials, but we also learned new things too.  Most importantly, we learned that quality always trumps quantity.

Cold weather is upon us.  Please make sure that your children have their winter gear available each day of school so that they are warm for daily recess.

The library has some highlights this month.  It has converted its old software to a new program.  Follett “Destiny” is a computerized card catalogue that allows teachers and students to access a search engine from their classroom.  Given a topic, the program provides related books and websites.  It also has access to the Library of Congress and to e-Books.  Due to the success of the annual Book Fair and some generous donors, 83 new books have been added to the shelves.  Mrs. York would like to thank everyone who purchased a book and donated it to the library.

This year we have two new basketball coaches on board.  Mike Barnes plans to coach the boys’ team and Julia Nicholas is in charge of the girls. 

Mark your calendars!  Tuesday, December 4th Open House is scheduled at Indian Township School from 1 to 4.  The middle of year DIBELS testing is also coming soon.  Testing begins the week of December 10-14.  The Bilingual Program is working diligently to teach students Christmas carols in Passamaquoddy for their annual Christmas Concert and Luncheon for the elders of the community.  It is scheduled for December 18th.

The Passamaquoddy Health Center is sponsoring a regalia making and beadwork class with students in grades 4 through 8.  This course began with just fourth grade students Wednesday, November 14 and continues until each student finishes making their beaded regalia.  Eight students are currently participating.  The fifth grade begins their outfits when the fourth is finished.  Brenda Lozada, Dolly Apt, Joan Dana, and James Dana are holding this activity after school.

The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard


Get on your sneakers, because you’re about to get the rundown on what happened this week at Woodland Jr. Sr. High School.

Tryouts were held on Monday, November 19th, for all winter sports. This includes wrestling, cheerleading, and boys’ and girls’ basketball. I was able to sit in on the cheerleading tryouts for a few minutes. The team, that students were worried would be too small for competition, has really grown this last year, despite losing 9 seniors last year. The wrestling team was also pretty substantial in size.  The girls’ basketball teams suffered a few cuts, but both teams are looking pretty good. And the boy’s basketball teams are also looking pretty good. Practices started for varsity teams on Tuesday the 20th, and for junior varsity teams Monday the 26th.  I’ll keep you up to date for when the games and tournaments are as the dates come to me. 

You’re officially invited to two back-to-back nights of entertainment! On Thursday, the 29th, the school’s annual Winter Arts show will be held at 7pm. The show consists of the Band and Chorus performing the pieces they’ve been working on all this school year so far, and the pieces made by the Art students will be on display. It’s always a fun night, so come out and hear the tunes to ring in the holiday season. The day after, Friday the 30th, the Drama club will be performing Skits! Come out and show your support for our more artsy students

Next week we’ll surely have more news, and we’ll definitely have more days. Until then, hope you had a great holiday weekend, and thanks for checking into the Dragon’s Den. 

“Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway” ~John Wayne

Calais High School

Quinn Sluzenski

November may be full of vacation days, but this month is still wrapping up with as much going on as ever.  With the first winter sports event right around the corner, all of our athletes are busy practicing for what will hopefully be a successful season all around.

Although winter has not even started yet, seniors are already looking ahead to this spring when they graduate.  On December 3rd, they are ordering some of their graduation materials and getting cap and gown measurements.  Not only that, senior pictures are due soon.  This year seniors are submitting their principal picture, two additional pictures, a baby picture, and an optional parent picture to put in the yearbook.

The National Honor Society and Student Council would like to thank all of the support given to their recent fast and coin drive.  It was a very successful fundraiser for the food pantry and will really help our community a lot.

Copies of the Veterans’ Day video shown at the recent Veterans’ Day Ceremony are still available for only five dollars each.  To purchase one, please contact Jordan Daley at 214-1920.

Winter, of course, brings more than just sports.  On December 6th, the music programs at Calais are hosting their annual holiday concert.  The concert band, jazz band, and chorus will all be performing various songs such as “Santa at the Symphony,” “Hanukkah Dance,” and the classic “Silent Night.”  The band also recently received all of their trademark band calendars, which will be distributed to everyone that purchased one over the next week.

Here’s wishing everyone a great start to the holiday season!

CHS High Honors 

Honor Roll QT 1 2012


Meaghan Cavanaugh

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Seventh Grade

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CHS Honor Roll Gr. 9-12 

QT 1 2012


Dylan Angiolillo

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 Jessica Wiggett

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Kayli Doten

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Cecilia McCoy

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Dillon Stanley

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Samantha Blau

Meghan Clark

Mason Fortier

Josie Marsanski

Kiana McDonough

Andrew McLellan

Naomi Preston

Dayton Schiff

Emma Seelye

Faith Tirrell

George Townsend

Edmunds School

Priscilla Hobart



On December 6- 5/6 grades will have Exhibitions in the library.

December 12 - 3/4 grades will have an Exhibition / Play.

December 21 - Holiday Program in AM.

Open Gym for Boys: 2:00 -- 3:30, Wednesdays November 28; December 5, 12, 19; January 2, 9.

Winter Music Performance:  This year’s winter music performance will be held the morning of December 21st.  We are looking for any decorations to have/borrow for the day. If you have any or would like to help decorate, please contact Miss Curtis.

Reminder!  It is time to dig out the warm jackets, boots, hats and mittens as cold weather has arrived and students are expected to wear appropriate clothing for outside recess  each day.