Thanksgiving Dinner at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

After the dinner rush is over, volunteer servers Irene Moreside, Sharon Goding and Cindy Wartman take a few minutes to have their dinners and take a short break before the clean-up begins.  The volunteers showed their experience with serving when they had the lines moving quite fast from turkey to rolls. (Photo by Dorothy Johnson)

By Dorothy Johnson

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church was the scene of a warm and friendly wait staff and appreciative diners on Thanksgiving. Volunteers had prepared the turkey, potatoes, squash, dressing, gravy and rolls on Wednesday.  Other vegetables, cranberry sauce and pies were also ready to go into the many take outs that had been ordered by noon on Thanksgiving.  At two the list of takeout was shorter and about sixty people came to participate in the feast and the fellowship.

Organized by Debbie and Lennie Hanson and staffed by several volunteers from other churches and the neighborhood, the Thanksgiving Dinner received rave reviews.  Several participants were senior citizens who wanted a place to go for company and great food; others were people who usually had families travel for the holiday, but who could not come this year; still others were without families and staples and wanted a hot meal.  Whatever the reason the individuals were in attendance, the volunteers made everyone feel welcome and made sure everyone received everything they needed for a great meal.

No numbers are hard and fast on the servings, but it is estimated that the volunteers served about 150 meals counting take-outs and on-site participants.  The many diners were appreciative of the whole experience and were quick to praise both the food and the many volunteers who served it.

Above Pat Fellows and local chef Charlie Casey take a few minutes to pose from their kitchen duties.These volunteers kept the serving line well-supplied and contributed to the efficiency of the operation.  (Photo by Dorothy Johnson)