Youth Initiative Will Promote Community Involvement

 More than 300 students from across the state of Maine recently attended the Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN) Youth Summit at the Augusta Civic Center, including many from Washington County. The seminar was held Nov. 1 and 2.

The students attended workshops that focused on becoming a leader in their school and/or community, and what it means to be an advocate for a wide variety of  issues.  Students attended workshops on dating violence, bullying, physical health and nutrition, and substance abuse and tobacco. 

They were provided with resources and tips on how to address these topics in their schools and communities.

Washington County: One Community was represented by 26 students and 6 adults from three different schools, according to Dustin Foss, Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator at WC:OC. 

Eastport Elementary School’s Civil Rights Team is interested in working with their local youth center to increase programming for students of all ages to prevent youth from walking around Eastport at night with nothing to do.   

Foss said that the TAG team from Calais Middle School and High School  also attended the Summit to gain information and resources to prevent bullying and dating violence in their schools.

Washington County: One VOICE is being formed as a youth coalition of WC:OC. 

“In recent years, there has been a push by adult coalitions to partner with youth around creating change in their schools and communities,’’ Foss said. 

She said that youth have unique perspectives in effecting change and a group such as WC:OV will provide Washington County youths with the opportunity to be involved in community life while promoting new leaders and concerned citizens.

Anyone who wants to become a part of WC:OV, may email or call 255-3741. Adult volunteers are also needed.