Dorothy Johnson

The chill is in the air today.  However, the experts are predicting the temperature will climb to a big (and appreciated) 40 degrees by the first of the week.  That will be good news for the furnace.  The geese are still trying to decide who will lead the first leg of their journey south.  They cannot seem to make a decision any easier than the members of Congress can.

More Thanksgiving news came in over the past week.  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon MacArthur spent Thanksgiving with their granddaughter Amanda and Derrick Hazelett and children in Glenburn., their daughter Diana Grass and friend Mike Hutchinson and grand children Christopher and Billy Jo Seavey and their daughter Garri and Kathy and Dan Paris.  While in Glenburn they also visited with their daughter Debra and Stacey Emerson and family.

Mike and Marilyn Trafton traveled to Gorham to enjoy Thanksgiving with their daughter Terri and her children, Megan and Tyler.

Rolfe and Janice Flood enjoyed Thanksgiving at home with their daughter Rhonda and her children, Ben and his wife Nikki and Jacob.

Norman Richard enjoyed Thanksgiving with his daughter Cindy and John and their children Megan and Christopher.  Earlier in the month the whole family had traveled to the Great Lakes to witness the graduation of their son Shiloh from his navy boot camp.

I had a chance to go to the Pembroke Craft Fair last Saturday.  Many  interesting crafters and a great crowd attended even though the day was a bit chilly.  Lots of people seemed to be buying their Christmas surprises.

Debra Emerson and her daughters were in town over the weekend.  She visited with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Gordon MacArthur and her aunt Jenny McKeil.

Kelly Bohanon is home for a week visiting with her family.  She took time out of her busy schedule to take Gram Ruth Foss out to breakfast and shopping.

The members of the Riverside Rebekahs will be holding their December breakfast on Sunday, December 9th.  They will be serving the same great food at a reasonable price and using the profits for their children’s book project.

The Woodland Public Library will be holding its Christmas party for the children on Tuesday, December 11th from 3 until 5.  Mrs. Santa and the elves will read stories to the children.  Santa will come (if he can find the time) and refreshments will be served.

On Friday, December 14th the holiday committee will be sponsoring the Baileyville Christmas Parade at 6 pm.  The line up will be from 5 until 5:45 pm in the town office parking lot.  All floats and walkers are welcome.  After the parade the Spednic Club will open its doors to the revelers and the committee will provide hot chocolate, cookies and fun for all.  For more information or to register for the parade, contact Jo Gallant (427-6575) or Muriel McPhee (427-3649).

Sympathy is extended this week to the family and friends of Kyle Cox. Kyle has been ill for several weeks and his illnesses have been more severe lately.  Kyle loved to take the soccer field when he was a Woodland Dragon and he loved to watch his two sons put on the purple and gold and compete.  He was especially proud of Zach and Wyatt when they were involved in hockey programs over the river.

Sympathy is also extended this week to the friends and family of Alden Clark of Calais. He is the father of Kenny Clark, Billie “Stick” Clark and Phyllis Carr, a worker in the Woodland High School lunch program.

We have a really special birthday wishes going out this week.  Gloria Leighton will be celebrating on December 8th.  Other birthday wishes are going out this week (December 7th through December 13th) to the following:  Mardell Monk, Leslie Monk, Daniel Crowe, Beth Olsson, Donna Melanson, Meliza Monk, Pat Metta, Kevin Bailey, Sr., Tammy Thomson, Darcy Roussel, Gretchen Cilley, Amber Arbo and Ariel Knights.

We have lots of friends on the sick list this week. It seems that someone else is feeling poorly every day.  Sunny thoughts and warm wishes are going out to Bud and Greta Leighton, Irene Glidden, Brad and Marion Hunnewell, Barbara Landry, Ron and Betty Rice, Bill Wong, Cindy Pratt, Barry Wheaton, Bungy and Vivian Scott, Madeline and Leo Perkins, Kenny Sprague, John and Ellen Howe and anyone else needing a lift.  Cathy Irving is doing much better since her surgery and everyone is glad to hear that good news.

Stay safe and have a great week.