Sharon Frost


Birthstone Turquoise for success.

Flower: Narcissus for precious moments.

December 5th Somalia Campaign began (1992)

If you burn hardwood in your fireplace, save the ashes to use for fertilizer in the spring. Wood ashes spread around berries and fruit trees sweetens the fruit.

December 6th - St. Nicholas - In Germany it is customary to give fruit, nuts and candy to children on St. Nicholas’s Feast Day.

December 7th - National Pearl Harbor Day (until sunset)

December 8th - War declared on Japan (1941)

December 9th - First day of Hanukkah.

To make a fragrant holiday wreath, incorporate bay leaves, bittersweet, cinnamon sticks and fresh rosemary into foot-long evergreen branches.

Rita Yardley of Bangor visited with her mother Doreen Hill and aunt Marie and mother-in-law Pat Yardley one day last week.

The Seniority Holiday Dinner was held on Thursday evening. Everyone brought a tasty dish. Entertainment was provided following dinner. Everyone contributed to a nonperishable food item for the food pantry.

“Heart of Praise” concert is being held at the Second Baptist Church on Saturday evening at 6:30 pm.

A surgeon suggested to a patient that he have a benign growth removed. “Will it be expensive?,” asked the patient. “About 400 dollars,” the doctor replied. “Is it a dangerous operation?” The doctor scoffed, “I don’t do dangerous for $400.”

An enjoyable winter band concert performed at the Woodland Jr/Sr High School on Thursday evening. The chorus performed which was wonderful and the band did a fantastic job. Everyone was singing and clapping. The Music Director, Alice Sullivan, deserves a round of applause as well as the Chorus Director Christine Sawtelle. It was absolutely beautiful.

All the Bentum family gathered at Peter and Ionanas home to celebrate Thanksgiving in Quincy, MA. What a wonderful time was had by all. Guests included Nancy Bentum Gallinaro from Palm Beach, Florida, Rev. Tom Bentum and his wife Deneane from Caribou, ME. Granddaughters Hanna Bentum and her friend Nathan Wells from New Hampshire, who also surprised us all with an engagement ring for Hanna. Hanna is presently attending Gordon College in Wenhern, MA, Bekah Bentum, from St. Johns College in Maryland and her friend Philip Mohr from Mississippi. The girls celebrated their 22nd birthday the day before Thanksgiving.

Birthday wishes: Tom McHugh, Dot Dwelley, Marcia Doyle, Dr. Feiner, Amy Casey, Jane Arues, Sharon Goding, Mary McLellan, Emma Hill, Brand Livingstone.

Sympathy to the Alden Clark family on their loss and also the Manship family.

Sorry for the wrong name printed last week’s paper on the organ playing at Cookson’s wedding. It should have read Millie Burgess.

The Historical Society Christmas Party is being held on Friday, December 7th at 6:00 pm. There will be finger foods and gift exchange as well as caroling. A fun time.