Calais Middle School’s TAG Team Announces Post-Christmas Paper and Catalog Drive

The Calais Middle School Teen Advocacy Group (the TAG Team) will be holding a paper drive on Saturday, Jan. 12, from noon to 3 p.m.. 

Many older folks may remember how common paper drives once were, and it is a practice well worth reviving. The TAG Team paper drive will be held at the new trailer parking area behind the high school and community college parking lots. 

The Team will collect much more than old newspapers. Boxboard, cardboard, grocery bags, magazines, catalogs and junk mail will also be collected. 

Freezer boxes, beverage carriers, blueprint paper, and waxed boxes cannot be collected.

The TAG Team is also inviting other eighth grade classes in the area to collect paper for this drive. Volume is one key to making recycling practical, and last year, the TAG Team found out about the Maine Resource Recovery Association which helps towns, non-profit organizations, and individuals pool their recycling resources to better market them to firms that reprocess the material. 

Now, by working with Mr. Bob Moholland, instructor for the Truck Driving program and Director at the St. Croix Regional Technical Center arrangements have been made to use the program’s box trailer to store the materials and then have the class transport them to Bangor in May. The Team will weigh each school’s contribution and divide the money earned accordingly. Town’s will have to dispose of less waste, people will know they’ve helped their community, and students’ can earn money for their class trips—it’s a winning situation all around!

Many students on the TAG Team have long searched for ways to recycle the large quantity of paper used at the school each year. Recycling changes waste material into resources, and saves energy in the process. It can also save money the city and individual families spend for waste removal. The Team hopes this paper drive will be a great beginning to fill the SCRTC trailer. Handling and storage processes for tin cans and glass jars are being worked on, and the Team hopes to begin collecting them in January, too. Once those issues are resolved, the Tag Team will announce the best ways to transform your waste into support for our local schools.