The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard 

This was a busy week at WHS. Let’s go to the cash register and check out this week’s news. 

The School’s NHS organization has been hard at work. Last week, students handed in their applications for membership. A group of teachers (whose identities remain a secret…) will soon choose the students who are going to be the new inductees into the Society, and they will be inducted next Friday. On top of all this excitement, the society is also having a coin drive. Students bring in pennies to boost their own scores, and silver coins to drag the other classes scores down. Currently, the Junior High is in a surprising and comfortable lead. Upperclassmen, it’s time to get into gear!

The varsity basketball teams had their first scrimmage against Sumner. If you’re not aware, a scrimmage does not count towards the team’s season record. The girls lost their game, as did our boys’ team. Not the most auspicious start to the season, but don’t let that get you down. The first official girls’ home game will be on Saturday, December 8th, against Southern Aroostook, and the first official boys’ home game will be Tuesday, December 11th, against Jonesport-Beals.

Students taking Mr. Moody’s Wellness class have something to brag about. This week, they showed a video PSA that they made about teen suicide. This completely student made video (Mr. Moody informed us that it was filmed entirely on students’ cell phones) was both touching and informative. The student actors involved portrayed situations like loneliness, stress, and low self-esteem. In between each scenario, there were a few facts about suicide and what students can do to keep themselves and their friends from becoming a statistic. Excellent work, Wellness students! Your video was a blockbuster!

On Thursday night, the school’s annual Winter Arts show was held. The Band and Chorus students performed music they’ve been working on all school year long, including some holiday favorites like “The Christmas Song” and “Wonderful Christmastime”, and some lesser-known pieces like “Troika”. For a special treat, at the end of the show, we had a sing-along! The band played 5 classic pieces and invited the audience to a sing-along led by Jeff Gagner. We had an excellent turnout. Thank you to all the readers who came out and supported the school’s art programs.

On Friday night, we had another performance, this time by the drama department. They performed their evening of skits. There were some nerves backstage before the show began, but by the end of the show everyone backstage was jittery with excitement instead of nerves. It was a terrific show, again, with a stellar turnout. Thanks again to all you loyal readers who are supporting our student body.

Now the school will be cooling down for the Holiday season. Winter sports will be top of the mind for most students, as well as trying to convince teachers to have classroom Christmas parties. And of course, students will be anxious to see who makes it onto the National Honor Society. We hope you have a great week, and thanks for checking into the Dragon’s Den. 

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” ~Eleanor Roosevelt