Indian Township

Geri Reynolds


Going to go to GONA?  That is exactly what happened last week when a Passamaquoddy Gathering of Native Americans and Special Friends occurred at the Indian Township Boys and Girls Club from November 27-29th.

The Gathering of Native Americans was held over the course of three afternoons where junior high students, school staff members, community members, and staff from the Passamaquoddy Health Center joined together with a team from Native Aspirations to learn about Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence, and Generosity in order to make their community a better place.

Daily activities centered on one or more themes with Passamaquoddy story telling, games, and team work.  Day one had everyone laughing and playing games that created an open, safe, comfortable, and trusting environment so that participants could begin the work needed to know they belonged and were an important part of their community.  The activities truly helped the attendees to accept and acknowledge each other’s strengths.  Once students felt they had a voice they could come together for the rest of the week to the benefit of their community by addressing common goals around youth violence, bullying, and suicide prevention.  Day two continued with a heavier load so that students could understand how past losses and grief undermine wellness today.  They learned about practicing wellness and to not giving up as vital to their contributions to the community’s wellness.  Day three centered upon Interdependence and Generosity where students and adults worked together and learned to use what was available to make Indian Township better.  The activities and stories provided experiences with how people are dependent on each other and have things to offer for making the future they want.  It also was a way to develop the common community vision and direction to address the issues of the workshop.  Through Generosity the participants gave away art projects and wrote sentiments to others as a means of giving back to others in their community.  The aim was to help and support each other.  Each day ended with a community meal.

The intention of the Gathering of Native Americans and Special Friends was a step towards helping build a hopeful future for the youth of Indian Township.  Ideas are already in the works to continue the goals of this special gathering.  Native Aspirations is based in Spokane, Washington.

The second game of the Indian Township basketball season takes place on Thursday, December 6 with Woodland Junior High School playing at 4 o’clock.  Succeeding games are Monday, December 10 with ITS at Elm Street and Tuesday, December 11 with ITS at St. Stephen.  Both games start at 4.