Kathy Mekelburg


Sunday was rainy, but in the forties, which is much better than the teens last Friday. This change is causing a lot of illness. Linda Murray at the post office had a bad case of the flu but is feeling great now. Thanks for your dedication, Linda.

On November 26th, Darlene McConnell and I traveled to Ellsworth where I had an appointment for my car (it has over 7500 miles already) and a doctor’s appointment. In between we enjoyed a lobster lunch.

Celebrating birthdays this month are India Brezovsky on the 4th, Cameron Moholland and Karen Lingley on the 9th, Christian Fowler on the 12th, Don Sargent on the 19th, Jeremy Sandock on the 22nd, Addison Coty on the 23rd, Danielle White, Elton Crossman on the 24th. A special 70th birthday to Edward Mekelburg on the 24th. Rosinha Crossman celebrates on Christmas Day. On New Years Eve, Cliff Brooks and Natasha Nicholson celebrate their birthday.

Don’t forget the Christmas Tea on Saturday at 11:30 am. 

Last Sunday, members of the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church attended the “Hanging of the Greens” at the Perry Church. The regular 4:00 p.m. service will resume on December 9th.