Community Remembers Their Loved Ones

By Marla Hoffman

In memory of the 140 individuals who died this year, a Holiday Remembrance Service was held at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church last week, hosted by Mays Funeral Home. 

May’s invited all the families of the departed, as well as anyone in the community who has lost a loved one. 

“We offer words of comfort and hope,” said Anthony Giard, of Mays. “And we give all the families glass, memorial angels to take with them.”

This is the eighth year the funeral home has hosted the service, which is always well-attended. In the first year, only 50 people came; “Now more than 100 people join us,” said Giard.

The holidays are a difficult time for some,” Giard said. “This gets people out of the house and surrounded by others who know what they’re going through.”

Before the service started, as families and others arrived at the church, a video featuring the photographs of all the deceased played on a television as music was played by pianist Dr. Larry Newman. 

After a short greeting by Brian Mays, Newman and Gloria Philips performed “Silent Night,” followed by some words of comfort from Sherry Sivret of St. Anne’s.

“We take a moment to envision their lives among us,” said Sivret. “We acknowledge your pain and the need for God’s grace and comfort.

“We are here tonight joined together in our common bond of grief to remember our loved ones,” Sivret added. “Grief is a costly consequence of love.”

Above left, Sherry Sivret offers words of comfort to the families of those who died. Above, Gloria Philips sings “Silent Night.” Left, the angel ornament that was given to families at the memorial service. (Photos by Marla Hoffman)