New Artsipelago Cultural Guide Moves Into Production

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For distribution in late spring 2013, the Tides Institute and Museum of Art (TIMA) will produce a new edition of the Artsipelago brochure/map and website showcasing cultural attractions of the Passamaquoddy Bay region. The brochure will include visual and performing arts (galleries, artists, musicians, and venues for art, music and theater); sellers of local foods (farms, fish markets, farmers’ markets, gardens, etc.); sellers of local handmade goods; festivals; lighthouses, parks and nature sites; and cultural and historical organizations. The 4x9-inch 32-page brochure includes listings indexed to a beautiful pullout map; a website with expanded listings and photos augments the guide. 

The new edition will receive a 2013 makeover and will feature a new mobile-device-friendly web design. The end product—whether the user prefers to view it online, in hard copy or via their smartphone—provides a handy year-round guidebook and map of both Canadian and American destinations.

TIMA is currently collecting listings for organizations and individuals to be included in the new brochure and website. Participants must do business in the Passamaquoddy Bay area to be included; please visit to view a map of the region covered by Artsipelago. The first edition of the guide has been enthusiastically received on both sides of the border, with more than 8,500 copies in distribution as well as more than 7,250 web viewings as of this writing.

To enroll, please visit and click on ‘Join the CulturePass Directory;’ with the enrollment form completed, click ‘Yes’ in the Artsipelago box and follow onscreen directions. Entries must be completed by the end of January, but web content may be modified by participants all year round. For more information, please contact Lauren Koss at, call (207) 853-4047 or visit