Fire Destroys Baileyville Mobile Home

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By Gwen Clark

A mobile home located in the Woodland Junction area of Baileyville caught fire and was called in to the Baileyville Fire Department at midnight on Wednesday January 16th.  The home was owned by Albert “Junior” Harvey who had returned to find the house in flames.   A neighbor first noticed the smoke coming from the home and knew that Mr. Harvey had two small dogs.  The neighbor attempted to retrieve them from the trailer but they refused to come to a stranger.   Both dogs were overcome by the smoke and died in the home.  

According to Fire Chief John McPhee, the crew received the call to the fire at midnight  stayed on the scene until approximately 3 AM.  It was determined that the fire had started in the kitchen area and had spread to the living room.  The cause was cited as electrical.   Although the front two rooms, kitchen and living room were gutted, mostly smoke damage ruined the remainder of the home and it was considered a total loss.  Mr. Harvey had left the home for about thirty to forty-five minutes for an errand at the Big Stop on Route 1 and returned to find his home being attended to by the Fire Department.  The home was not insured and Mr. Harvey has been staying with friends.