Honoring Outstanding Teachers

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By Kaileigh Deacon

Teachers are the people who help shape the future of not only the community but the country as well and too often they aren’t recognized for the work they do. The Veterans of Foreign Wars want to recognize teachers who care about America at the elementary junior high and high school levels.

This year teachers from all three levels in the Calais School System were nominated, and for the second year in a row, they have come up with a winner. Last year Ruth Sousa was the sole nominee and was awarded the VFW State Elementary Teacher of the Year. 

This year a teacher from each level was nominated for the honor and two were awarded the Teacher Of The Year award and the third was the runner up. Kathy Lloyd, elementary; Jan Stanchfield, junior high; and Anne Scott, high school were the nominees. Lloyd and Stanchfield were awarded the VFW Teacher Of The Year award while Scott was a runner-up. 

Between the three of them they have 87 years of teaching experience teaching thousands of the students who came through the Calais School System. “It felt wonderful to be nominated and I was shocked to win,” Stanchfield said. 

Stanchfield and Lloyd were recognized at the Awards Banquet on January 12 in Winslow, Maine along with the winners of the Voice of Democracy Speech contest, and Patriot Pin Winners. These awards for all three women show the exceptional level of teaching in the school system and the amount of care that goes into teaching. “I love that light bulb moment in kindergarten when the kids are reading and then realize they’re actually reading for themselves,” Lloyd said.

The award is given to those teachers who teach patriotism and civic responsibility to their students and to teachers who have made an impact on the future leaders of our country. “It is amazing to see the impact of teachers on their s students,” Junior Commander David Sivret said. 

“It’s an honor for what you do. You don’t do it for the honor it’s just what you do,” Scott said about the nomination and her fellow teachers winning.