Dorothy Johnson


I know that we have had longer, colder spells than the one we are now going through.  I know one winter we had about two weeks when the temperature did not go above zero...but I was younger then and I am really minding this cold spell.  In fact, everyone I have seen is minding the cold weather.  The experts are saying it will warm up and rain by the middle of the week.  We will see how that goes.

I heard of former Dragon Brian Cardinal last week.  A proud mom called to tell me that she has Brian’s bachelor’s degree right at her house.  Brian took a few semesters from his college program, but he has finished.  He told mom that he had the degree sent to her so she would be sure he really received it.  Good work, Brian. We are all so glad that you stayed with your goal.

Congratulations to Kacie Burke and Ryan Hood, both former Dragons, for making the Dean’s list at Husson University.

The Riverside Rebekahs will be having their February breakfast on Sunday, February 10.  The funds from this breakfast will be donated to the local food pantry.  Readers may plan ahead to take their Valentines out to breakfast.

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week (February 1st through February 8th) to the following:  Josh Noyes, Pam Moreside, Eldon Libby, Tim McCray, Robert Harriman, John Larkin, Angela Cooke, Katie Smith, Leo Hayward and Raymond Merritt.  May you all enjoy your special days.

Happy anniversary wishes to Becky and Andrew Ramsdell and Doug and Lisa Smith. Enjoy that anniversary cake.

State wardens are saying that the ice in lakes is safer now that we have enjoyed a cold snap, but they still warn all snowmobilers and ice fishers to be cautious.  With warm weather and rain predicted for the end of the week more caution will be prudent.

Sympathy this week goes out to the family and friends of Ellen Howe of Cooper.  She was involved in TOPS and the church in Woodland for many years.

Sunny thoughts are being sent to Greta Leighton who fell and broke her hip last week.  She is presently in Calais Regional and would appreciate cards from her friends. Bobby James also fell last week and broke his foot in two places. We are also sending sunny thoughts and quick recoveries to Anne Riddell, Pat Dow, Ruth Foss, Jane Sprague, Estella Johnson, Harriet Martell, Diana Perkins, Elaine Perkins, Don Brown, the Dragons’ biggest fan and everyone else who needs a lift.

The ice fishers have invaded Pokey Lake.  I hear we have a whole village of ice shacks out there and the fishing is great.

Muriel McPhee and Jo Gallant have started working on the Ocktoberfest and putting together their fall baskets.  The holiday committee has been helping with putting veterans’ flags on the cemetery.  Because of the lack of funds and constant criticism, they will be discontinuing this practice.  Some other group will be sure to take over this important project.

As February draws closer, the basketball season will wind down and everyone’s eyes will turn to the tournament in Bangor and Winter Carnivals here at home.

Watch out for that ice underfoot.  Stay safe and have a great week.