The weather seems to be on everyone’s mind this week, with the extreme cold that seems to go right through our clothes! There is a warming trend heading our way this week.
We lost a neighbor and a friend this last week. She was active in our Grange for years, also the extension and Jr. Grange. Ellen Howe is well known as she worked at the maternity ward in the Calais Regional Hospital. She was wonderful at this job. She was a KOPS member (Keeping off Pounds Sensibly) for the last few years. I know how she was so fond of family events. She scrap-booked with us at the Meddybemps Community Center with her many pictures. We will miss her. Much sympathy to her family and friends.
Ralph had a great birthday at home with two cakes, ice cream and of course his great love, coffee. He received many cards in the mail and at his party. He loved opening up gifts. It was a special time with Tony and Sam bringing his great grand-baby girl Emma to the party. They were down from Durham for the weekend with his parents Paul and Marcia Wheelock. At six months she was sitting up and was as good as gold. She sat on his knee like she knew who he was. We love our babies! We have to eat out a couple of times yet. He knows how to milk a birthday. Happy Birthday, honey!
Speaking of birthdays, Ralph got a card from Laurence Lockman, Representative of District 30. In it he said he read about the date in the Cooper news.
I had a call from Marilyn Beaupre and she has had a robin with a large red breast at her feeders for a few weeks. He seems to be here for the winter. She also has flocks of smaller birds. She is not sure of the names.
Just a reminder, that this is the last week to license your dog as beginning February 1st, there is a $25.00 fine. 
Get well wishes to Mary Dunn who was in a very bad car accident and will be coming home from re-hab soon. Some of her neighbors are arranging to bring in daily meals while she is laid up. What a small town blessing!
The Cooper Volunteer Fire Department joined three other towns to save a burning garage in Meddybemps last week. The members in Cooper are taking training each Saturday and updating equipment. The monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. each month. Trevor Flood is the Fire Chief and I know would love more members to join in. My parents house where Justin Day lives caught fire one cold winter day when my mother was alone before there was any fire department. We got on, then, a party line and with passing motorists stopping formed a bucket brigade from an open well across the road and the late Carleton Davis who had training. The house was saved when an upstairs window was broken into and water into the kitchen where the fire was and finally put out. This was over 50 years ago and I will never forget how helpless my mother and I felt without a fire department to call.
A social hour was held after church in Meddybemps yesterday with coffee and sweets. This will be held once a month. Next week will be Bible study and food pantry pick-up after the meeting.
“Don’t bypass the potential for meaningful relationships just because of differences. Explore them. Embrace them. Love them.”
Arline Flood