Grand Lake Stream

The groomers are on their way to keep the trails in good condition for snowmobiling in the Grand Lake Stream Area.  The Grand Lake Snowmobile Club takes the responsibility to maintaining the trails very seriously.  The club house is open Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 3 for great food and a place to get warm if needed.  The Pine Tree Store is open 7 days a week for fuel and other necessities in support of great snowmobiling!  Come be part of the action!! (Submitted photo).

Dave McCullough

Now that the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club is open from 11am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday make the short trip to Grand Lake Stream and enjoy the groomed trails, great comrade and food at the club house.  Always keep in mind that the Pine Tree Store is open 7 days a week for food and has fuel should you be in need.  Free parking for your vehicle and trailer next to the west side of the dam.  Always free parking at the Clubhouse for your snowmobile. For particulars on snow conditions or happenings at the Clubhouse contact Andrea Swift, Club President at 207-796-5007.

This past fall I asked a resident of the Farm Cove Area if he would send a note about how he viewed Farm Cove over the years. Here is his note. “ A century ago had you crossed around Norway Point into Farm Cove it would have appeared remarkably different from today.  As you swung from the main lake you hugged the western Farm Cove Mountain side slipping through a narrow channel created by a long narrow tree covered peninsular which stretched out from the eastern shore reaching nearly to the other side

Entering the cove you would pass numerous sand beaches.  On the banks immense pine, hemlock and spruce crowded against each other.  Mid-way a small camp sized island rises in the center of the cove.

At the end of Farm Cove a long wide sandy beach cut by a small stream which flows east.  Little River it was then called, one of only three lake outlets.

The great transformation occurred when in 1905 the St. Croix Paper Company of Woodland received permission to raise the lake level.  A large dam and one hundred yard long berm was built raising the lake level 8 feet.  Some 32 lakes and ponds feed into Grand Lake.  Many must have experienced similar shore changes.

In Farm Cove gone were most of the sand beaches.  The peninsular became a long underwater reef.  The little island disappeared.  The entire shoreline now rock rimed.

Today to access the Coves End you navigate 200 feet of boulders, formerly dry land.

Farm Cove is bigger and boulder and nearly camp less.  Come and visit by road or boat.  Chances are you will have it all to yourself experiencing its unique tranquility and beauty.”

Two great news events from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust.

Downeast Lakes Land Trust is pleased to announce that we are hiring an Education and Communications Manager.  We encourage our supporters to consider whether they may know a strong candidate, and inform them of the opportunity. 

With an outstanding Community Forest resource under our management, and strong cooperative relationships within our community, DLLT has an opportunity to develop and expand our education and communication program.  The complete position description, and application instructions, are available at

Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust awards $285,000 to Downeast Lakes Land Trust for Education & Communication Program

 Great things continue to happen in Grand Lake Stream. Come and enjoy the winter activities!  Check the ads in the Calais Advertiser for the latest on the happenings at the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club.  

Also great news from Smith’s General Store and the coyote contest for this season. At this time 2 males and 4 females have been entered into the contest. 

We now have $1240 in our contest purse. Check out our food plot photos and video on Facebook at Penobscot County Wildlife Conservation Association. Thanks for your help.

Your humble correspondent,  Dave McCullough  207-839-4205 or