Indian Township

Geri Reynolds



Relief and anticipation are topics on the minds of staff and students at Indian Township School this week.

This week marks the end of the middle of the year testing that starts in December with DIBELS, continues after Christmas vacation with the NWEA, and concludes with Aimsweb.  Phew!  Oh, I almost forgot the WIDA.  The pile of data is not completely tabulated and analyzed, but it hasn’t stopped the next steps in our educational process – planning instruction for our students.

So what is it that we are anticipating?  It’s Winter Carnival.  This Friday is earmarked for sledding, ice fishing, bowling, snow shoeing, and even some indoor activities with Wii and cooking.  The staff wants to reward the students for all of their hard work with a day of fun.  And to add to this special day, parents and care givers are invited to attend too.  Permission slips have been sent home along with reminders to dress warmly.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Mother Nature leaves a little winter to enjoy.  The date of February 8 is set aside for an alternate date.

Then of course everyone is anticipating Punxsutawney Phil letting us all know what to expect for the last six weeks of winter. And who can ignore Super Bowl XLVII?

Recently Indian Township School sent a package of poems, written by the eighth grade, a letter, and a medicine bundle of two sweet grass braids with some sacred herbs to the staff and students of Sandy Hook Elementary School and representatives there took the time to reply.  Dennis Stratford called to thank the bilingual teachers and to let them know that the poetry was greatly appreciated.  He said that the medicine was placed on display for all to see.