CHS Boys Basketball


Cordell Hold rips the ball from the board between Jonesport-Beals defenders. (Photo by John Rogers).







The CHS boys are presently in 5TH place in East “C” basketball with a 13-3 mark. Last week the team ran into the Jonesport-Beals Royals, possibly the top team in C-D basketball in the Eastern conferences, presently at 16-0 and atop the board in “D” action. The contest started Thursday with seniors Garet Beal and Cole Beal putting 11/6-points respectively on the board in the opening frame and never looking back playing to a 71-52 win in Calais. The Devils only surge came in the second period when Devin Hall connected for 10-points and the hosts outscored their opposition 16-14 in the frame. In the win Garet Beal laid in 36-points, Cole 13, and 8-each from Vinal Crowley and Leon Smith. Calais had Devin Hall nailing 20, Newell 7, and 6-each by Diffen and Hold.  

At Narraguagus the Blue Devils exploded to a 14-7 lead after one, 34-13 midway and eventually a 71-36 victory. Spencer Thompson hit 19 for the Knights, while Calais had Devin pouring in 33, 11-each by Niles and Hold and 9-points by Nathan Newell.

If the Calais boys remain in 5TH in the East, they will have a bye into the quarter-finals at Bangor over vacation. A 6Th place or higher finish will require a prelim at home next week.