The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard 


Welcome, readers, to this week’s edition of the Dragon’s Den. Buckle your seat belts, because we’re going to  cut to the chase and get you in the know on this week’s news.

The basketball season is coming to a close. This week was the final away game for the WHS girls’ teams. They traveled to Machias to face off against the Bulldogs. The junior varsity team won their game against the Machias junior varsity bulldogs, but the varsity team unfortunately did not. The boys’ teams from Machias came to WHS to enter the court with our boys. It was an exciting couple of games, but alas, neither of our teams came out on top. We’re wishing “get well soon” to all our ladies and gentlemen who are out sick. 

The Academic Decathlon team is getting closer and closer to their meet in Portland. On Tuesday, the 5 remaining members of the club took an hour out of their morning classes to write an essay, choosing between three prompts that pertained to the topic this year, which is Russia. The score that the students will receive on these essays will go to their over-all competition score. 

The JMG career association started their school store this week. For the rest of the Winter Sports season they will be selling t-shirts at basketball games. They are hoping to add more items soon! All proceeds made from the school store will go towards a new marquee for the school. The career association is also finishing up their fund raising for the leukemia foundation. They have been collecting change during lunch as well as raising money during basketball games. JMG had also added a new program this year called “Life Smarts.” For the last two months, students have been studying and taking practice quizzes for this new program. On Friday every student had to take their final quizzes. The top five highest scoring students in the school will move on to compete in the state meet in Portland later this year.

The Music Department had a busy week this week as well. On Wednesday, the band drew a winning ticket for their Super Bowl Basket raffle. The basket included candies, chips, soda, plastic cups, and other things that you might need to host a Super Bowl party. The winning ticket belonged to Janice Hayward, and it was sold to her by her granddaughter, Hope Hayward. Congratulations, Haywards. Also this week, representatives from the band and chorus traveled to a music festival on Thursday Bryanna Hill, Alec McGaw, and Morgan James from the band, as well as Jordan Metta and Heather Baker from the chorus, journeyed to Brewer High School to perform and practice music with students from 11 different schools. 

The Math Team had their first meet in a long while this week. They went to Washington Academy to compete with other mathletes from around the state. Washington Academy had the highest score, but we still did a fantastic job! Those brainiacs are learning their functions and putting them to the test, that’s for sure. 

Students who made the Honor Roll were treated last Friday to the annual Honor Roll Breakfast. Students are taken by bus to the Big Stop and are allowed to order a delicious meal from the breakfast menu. This is a treat that many students look forward to. It’s a delicious incentive. 

Next week are the senior games for both boys’ and girls’ teams, bringing the basketball season to a close until tournaments. We’ll also have all the official information about the upcoming Winter Carnival. Until then, from the students and staff at WHS, thanks for checking in.  

“Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine. “ ~Lord Byron