Giving Students a Chance to Play Music

Kaileigh Deacon


The band program at the Calais Schools has been fortunate the last several years to receive donated instruments from members of the community. 

The band program has a total of eighty-five students in grades 4-12. Of those eighty-five students, twenty-five are using donated instruments. 

The donated instruments allowed students who wouldn’t normally be able to afford the instruments to take part in the band. Twenty-one of the donate instruments were in need of repair before they could be used by students. Alison Brennan, the band director, applied to the Washington County Community Foundation for money to fix the donated instruments. 

Brennan completed the application form last spring, outlining what the band program does not only for the schools but for the community as well. The band program plays as local events and parades while providing students with an appreciation of music. 

Brennan and the band program was awarded $4,976 from the Foundation to complete repairs on the instruments and buy other equipment needed by the band. The instruments in need of repair were fixed over the summer; instruments with cases that were unhealthy for the students to use were also replaced over the summer. The remaining portion of the grant was used to purchase drum carriers for use at parades and outdoor events. 

“This is great collaboration of community with the Washington County grant committee,” Brennan said. “The instruments will be reused allowing other students who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity join the band to take part.”