Linda Baniszeski



The storm of 2013 came and went in Meddybemps.  Actually, the high winds and blizzard conditions have gone.  Yet, the mountains of snow cleared and piled along lanes and driveways and substantial drifts remain to remind us that this is simply Maine in the winter.  Because of the drifting, it is difficult to say exactly how much snow we got.  A guesstimate is about 18” which was swept away in some places and drifted high in others.  Of course, it should come as no surprise to experience low temperatures, high winds and heavy snows in this part of the world during the winter. 

 Happy Valentine’s Day.  It’s never too late to give a card, flowers or candy to a loved one.  Maybe a gift of nice jewelry or going out to dinner will make someone’s day.  After all, this divine holiday is all about love.

Best wishes to Diane Gibson as she celebrates her birthday on February 15, and to everyone else with special days and celebrations this week. Continued thoughts and prayers for Janet Wooding and her family.

 The Lake Meddybemps Association (LMA) has issued its Fall/Winter newsletter.  There is much timely information within.  For example, did you know we now have cell service on the lake?  Since Labor Day there has been a signal boost from Woodland. The improved service works for U. S. Cellular, Verizon and Trac phones but not AT&T.  This is especially good news for those living on islands during warmer months, and others on and around the lake while snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice fishing. 

LMA’s newsletter also informs that its website is accessible at -- hosted by Beth Teele-Haidinger. Beth lives in Germany.  Isn’t the internet amazing.  A web site about Meddybemps Lake hosted in Europe.  That must make LMA an international organization.  LMA also welcomes contributions of articles, news items, photos and suggestions for future newsletters and/or the web site.  The latest newsletter is posted in its entirety on the web. 

New LMA members and renewals are welcomed at $15 per individual.  More information is available from Liz Trouant, LMA Treasurer.

Please send your family, organization and community news to the above e-mail address or phone 454-3719.

 “Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart” ~ Author Unknown