Dorothy Johnson


Another Maine weekend has been enjoyed by residents of the St. Croix Valley.  Once again the howling wind and drifting snow made driving a bit slick.  The driving wind and seasonable temperatures have made for a typical Maine February.  Even though the days are lighter longer, the cold is depressing.

The Community Café is still plodding along.  We have lost several of our loyal patrons for one reason or another but the meals are still great and those that come have a good time.

School is at rest for a week.  The classes have just finished winter carnival.  I remember when the teachers participated as a group.  At first we had many athletic games and as the students stayed the same age and the teachers grew older, we found more spelling and card games to play.

We received the Dean’s list from several institutions of higher learning this week and many former Dragons have done well.  Congratulations to Marlene Flaherty for making the President’s List at Berkeley College.

Former Dragons who attend University of Maine at Presque Isle and have been named to the Dean’s List:  Shawna McDonough received highest honors.  Also commended were Taylor Cochran, Marissa McGovern, Shaina Hood, Kelsey Worden and Ashley Laking.

Edward Flaherty was named to the Dean’s List at the University of Maine at Farmington and Meridith Carle McLaughlin was named to the Dean’s List at the University of Southern Maine.

The New England School of Broadcasting which is associated with Husson has named Lindsey Jundt and Chelsea McGovern to high honors.

Another name from the past has surfaced.  Sergeant Dominic Bonds has received recognition for his work in the military.  Dominic has served our country for 15 years.  He graduated from Woodland High School in 1988.  Congratulations to all former Dragons who are working hard in the real world.

Marilyn Trafton has returned to Woodland after having a short vacation in the sunny south.  We hope to see her at Community Café.

The Riverside Rebekahs had to call off their February breakfast again this week.  At press time no other date had been set.

The Spednic Club will be hosting a benefit supper for Pam and Pete Mercier on March 1.  More details will follow.

Happy birthday wishes are being sent this week (February 21st through February 27th) to the following:  Jim Greenlaw, Tina Hayward, Martha Jones, Sharon Frost, Pat Lowe, Anita Lydic, Vicky Moores, Ebonica Newman, Shirley Murphy and Michelle Gallant.  Happy celebrations are wished for you all.

Happy anniversary wishes to Jennie and Jerry Brown, Wayne and Vicki Moores, Linda and Glenn Phelps and Larry and Rhonda McIver.

Members of the People’s United Methodist Church are planning a turkey supper for the first Thursday in March.  More details will be available next week.

Once again we have many people on the needing sunny thoughts list including Greta Leighton, Irene Glidden, Elden Jackson, Luann Durgin, Patsy Hanson, Cynthia Carter, Elaine Holland, Bungy and Vivian Scott, Lois Stimson, Leo and Madeline Perkins, Pete Mercier, Estella Johnson, Mike Trafton and anyone else who needs a lift.

The annual Baileyville Town Meeting will be held on the last Monday in March this year. The councilors have many decisions to make for protecting their tax dollars.  Everyone in town needs to have a say.

Stay safe and have a great week.