Arline Flood


What a weekend of weather and it is still blowing hard. We always stay put if we can. We are thankful that we don’t lose the power thanks to the great service of Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative.

Karen Sinclair and her two boys, Isaac and Joshua drove down from Dover on Saturday for a few days to visit her parents Paul and Marcia Wheelock of Calais. Schools are closed this week and they are expecting the P.J. Wheelock children along with Dad, Ryley, Marit and Tianna for a few days.

Have you missed a familiar face at the courtesy desk at the Calais Wal Mart store? Marcia Wheelock has retired after 18 years. She is ready to spend some time with her six grandchildren and do the many crafts that she loves to do. We will miss looking for her face when we come through the door. I know she will miss all the friends that she has made over these years, but it’s time to move on. Have fun!

Well I messed up again! The Selectboard meeting was changed to Wednesday instead of Thursday as I posed. Sorry. As I turn the news in by Monday it is too late to change it later on.

The Selectboard Meeting on Wednesday night at the Cooper Grange Hall-CCC met for a planning meeting  for the town report. They reviewed the treasurer’s warrant and the town clerk gave an update on the status of the dog licenses.

TOPS 256 met on Tuesday night after a week off because of illness. There were 10 members present. Fred Becker won the weekly basket with a 4 pound loss. Jeff Townsend won the raffle and Judy Townsend won the free week. A birthday card was signed by all and presented to the leader Marcia Wheelock. She spoke on knowing the signs of a heart attack.

Congratulations to the Calais Blue Devils, boys’ and girls’ teams who will be playing in the tournament on Tuesday. And hopefully again on Friday and Saturday. Best wishes to a successful tournament ending! We have a great-grandaughter Carson Hold on the varsity team.

Another week the Meddybemps Church had to be cancelled because of the blizzard. The Sunday School is also cancelled on February 24th. Hopefully there will be regular church services this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. with Bible study to follow.

When we drive into Calais and slide smoothly though the round-about I think of all the remarks against it, like it was something newly invented to cause accidents and problems for drivers. I for one like the fact we don’t have to stop for a stop sign when there isn’t any traffic or for the delay a stoplight would cause.

Kathy Hull was kind enough to e-mail me some information about Elizabeth Hull. She left Bangor to Los Angeles on January 26th. She visited over night and then had a 15 hour flight to Aukland, New Zealand on January 27th. There is a 17 hour difference from Eastern time. She met her team at 6:00 a.m. from EchoQuest Education Foundation on Monday. They are in partnership with the University of New Hampshire. I will write more about this trip next week.