EMEC Repairing Downed Poles - Route 1 Closed


Charlie McAlpin, Manager of Communications and Members Services of Eastern Maine Electric Coop, reported on Tuesday that two poles carrying power lines broke and fell into the driving lanes on Rte. 1 by Lyons Towing in Red Beach. The call came in at 4:45 am and at 11:00 am, the road was closed in both directions. “We do not yet know why the poles came down,” said McAlpin. “We plan to do more investigation after we get the problem fixed.”

McAlpin continued, “We lost power to about 800 customers in Perry, Pembroke, Robbinston and Red Beach - all south of the scene. By rerouting through other substations, we have restored power to approximately 500 customers. We hope to have  everything back to normal around noon. However, because we are working in granite to reset poles, we have had to order in special equipment to bore holes. The job may take longer.”

The local radio station began announcing the closure of Route 1 a bit after 5 am and recommending the travelers use the Ridge Road and Rte. 214 to get to Calais and the Charlotte Road and Rte. 191 to leave Calais.

At press time the road was still closed and the repairs were ongoing. A follow-up on this incident will be available next week.