Indian Township

Geri Reynolds



February vacation is synonymous with regional basketball playoffs at the Mecca.  This week did not disappoint.  And if you count the number of community members and families attending the games, the Bangor Auditorium was the place to be. 

Congratulations to all team coaches, managers, and players.  The Calais Boys’ team made it to the semi-finals and the Calais Girls’ won the regional title.  I’d like to recognize the native players who did their communities proud.  Calais girls include Glenda Francis on the junior varsity team.  The boys’ team includes Devin Hall, Cordell Hold, Horace Diffin, Andre Paul, Tyler Niles, Nathan Newell, and Chris Thornton.  Students that played for Woodland include Dana Brown on the girls’ varsity and Toby Tomah and CJ Brown on the boys.  Playing for Lee Academy are Russell Lola and Joseph Sockabasin.  Let’s not forget the cheerleaders.  Laura Lyons cheers for Calais.

The Indian Township School Pee Wee Basketball season begins on Wednesday, February 27.  Coaches for this intramural sport are Mike Barnes and Kari Cole.  Students in grades 4-6 are eligible to play.  Practices are Monday and Wednesday from dismissal of walkers until arrival of the late bus.  No games have been scheduled yet.  Permission slips are to be handed out at the first practice.  For more information, contact either coach at the school. 

Prior to vacation, two grade one cheerleaders were in our midst fund raising for their Eastern Maine Elites squad.  Kanala Mitchell and Brooklyn McCarthy are a part of the national Mini Shimmer Team out of Machias.  They are coached by Rebecca Cox.  Their first competition is March 2 in Calais.  Additional competitions take place April 13 and 14 in Canada and again on April 27 in New Hampshire.  These students are fund raising to help cover the costs of entrance fees.  If you would like to support these two young ladies, contact Dachelle McCarthy or Lena Newell. 

Another fine winter diversion is ice fishing.  The bilingual program is once again promoting this traditional sport to fourth and fifth graders.  The weather has not been conducive to consistent fishing, but that has not stopped the students from catching fish.  The wind chill has been the greatest deterrent, but now the warm weather threatens the ice conditions.  Hopefully the students can continue fishing until the end of next week.