Arline Flood



TOPS 256 met at the Methodist Church in Calais on Tuesday night. Sandy Lyon led the class in the absence of leader Marcia Wheelock. Judy Townsend won the basket, the raffle and the free week for a clean sweep. The “Move and Improve” is starting for the next 12 weeks and members are asked to join. This is an exercise program sponsored by EMMC in Bangor. 30 minutes a day for three days a week will improve your health. 10 members will win $100 at the end with names drawn randomly from those who finish the program. A member walk is planned when the weather is better. T-shirts may be ordered in green this year with the Move and Improve logo on them.

One of the interesting remarks in Elizabeth Hell’s newest update newsletter was about snorkeling in New Zealand. She wrote “The last snorkel dive took place at one of the top dives in the world -- the Poor Knight’s Islands. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place. The island looked like something out of Jurassic Park movie and the waters were the bluest blue with green clarity and depth. Sea life here was plentiful -- black sea urchins as big as dinner plates and the parrot fish that would follow you and swim under your arms. Definitely something to cross off my bucket list (if I had one). Now, we are back at base for this coming week but after our time here we will be heading to the south island for a few weeks. P.S. Would you believe that I kind of miss the snow?

Bible study was held after church with Sandy Lyon leading. A prayer calender was put together. They are now studying “How can I understand the Bible?” Next Sunday there will be a coffee held after the services. Marcia and Mona to provide the sweets. Oops, when I checked the calender, it will be on Sunday, March 17th. Next Sunday will be daylight savings time beginning. Irene Glidden will be moved to Washington Place soon. Our prayers are with her. The prayer bear went home with Marcia this month. The new one is so lovable, donated by Mona Van Watt. Sunday school will resume next Sunday.

The Cooper Select board meeting is on Thursday, March 7th. 

The Cooper Volunteer Fire Department will meet on Tuesday, March 12th.

The 15th District and the 6th District meetings of the American Legion will meet at the Cherryfield post on Sunday, March 10th at 2 pm. All members are welcome to attend.

It’s snowing again. Every time it snows, we see cat tracks going into the garage but never seem to see the big cat, although he’s seen traveling between our house and Sandy’s. I think it’s a cat of our neighbors who like to travel. We’ve started the car a few times and the poor thing shoots out of the door like a bullet. I think it leaves its calling card upstairs in the garage. I call him the “ghost” cat.

The Lady Blue Devils did a great job on Saturday and we’re sorry it wasn’t a win but maybe the team can be the first one to win the Class C gold ball in the Cross Center in 2014.

A big happy birthday in March to Wakey Wilkes on the 4th, Marit Wheelock on the 11th, Caleb Michael Townsend on the 18th, Matthew Haddock on the 24th, Arielle Hornbrook on the 25th, Doreen Sawyer on the 3rd, Lisa Thornton on the 5th, Denny Lyon on the 23rd, Dennis Gillespie on the 28th and Joshua Goodine on the 17th.

Precious memories of yesterday can strengthen our faith today and tomorrow.