The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard 


Welcome to the Dragon’s Den! Last week we didn’t have an article because we were on a much needed and appreciated vacation, so there was no student news. But this week was full, much to the chagrin of students praying for a snow day. We’ve got lots of news for you this week, so get out your spinning wheel, I’m about to spin you a yarn about this week at Woodland High School.

This week the National Honors Society, with help from the JMG department, hosted their annual blood drive, sponsored by the Red Cross. Students from NHS helped the Red Cross employees take care of the community members and students donating blood by helping to run the registration booth and the canteen. We didn’t have very many fainters this year, and we had over 40 donors! Thank you to all the students and community members who donated or tried to donate blood. If you weren’t able to donate this year, there’s always next year! The NHS will be sponsoring a blood drive, same as always.

There was more blood this week. Throughout the week students in Mrs. C’s CP Bio did a blood-typing lab. This was a fun experiment for students who were able to stomach the sight of blood and the prick of a needle. To tell which blood type the student was, they had to get four dollops of blood onto what’s called an Epson card. A person can have A, B, AB, or O blood, and once they’ve got a letter, they can be either positive or negative. The Epson card detects certain proteins and carbohydrates in your blood and can tell you what blood type you had. We had a lot of students with O Negative, O positive, and A negative blood.

On Thursday five students from Woodland who are part of the JMG program traveled to Portland to compete in a state wide LifeSmarts competition. The team consisted of Donald Bergin, Scott Rhoades, Damon Lincoln, Devain Allen and Kylee Caruso. The team was coached by Carl Ripley and assisted by Lori Croman. The competition was held at UNUM. The two day trip wasn’t just work. On Thursday the group got a tour of UNUM, participated in a mock competition, had a pizza party and took a trip to the mall. On Friday, Woodland had a very nervous coach as the team competed from 8 to 4 in the afternoon. After some matches, it came down to Woodland and Stanford. Whoever won that match would continue to the championship round. Throughout the entire match until the very end Woodland was ahead by 15. They ended with a big let down. Stanford took the win of that match 80 to 75. While we were all disappointed, we are very excited to study and start preparing for next year! During the competition we got to meet and chat with Bill Green from Bill Green’s Maine and also many people that are funding our projects in JMG. The experience was overall very fun, yet educating!

Another exciting thing that happened this weekend was that the Academic Decathlon team also traveled to Portland to participate in the State competition. They drove down to Portland on the Calais bus on Friday for the competition that took place on Saturday. The event began at 7:15 in the morning and went until 6:30 at night! Throughout the course of the day, the five team members, Scott Rhoades, Heather Baker, Bryanna Hill, Dominique Harley, and Camille Howard, took multiple choice tests over the material they’ve been studying all year long, as well as gave a speech of their own composition and were interviewed by two judges. The overall theme of the event was Russia, so lots of questions on the Space Race and the required reading, Doctor Zhivago. The team members won three medals at this years competition. Heather Baker won a Bronze medal for her interview, Bryanna Hill won a Bronze medal for the music test, and Camille Howard won the medal for Team Highest Scorer. Next year’s topic will be World War One.

Next week we’ll have lots of news for you, our dear readers, including our Music-and-Art department’s annual Coffee House concert, the National Honors Society convention, and much, much more. We’re glad to have you back after the week break, and thanks for checking in.