Baileyville Election Scheduled For March 25th

By Gwen Clark


Baileyville Town Council met on March 11th with the approval of the following warrants:  Warrant # 63 dated 02/28/2013 for $15,216.89; Warrant # 64 dated 03/01/2013 for $22,044.57; Warrant # 65 dated 03/07/2013 for $14,781.70 and Warrant # 66 dated 03/08/2013 for $28,747.44   Department Head reports were provided by Jamie McLaughlin.  The Public Works sweeper  will be out and around shortly and that the sander will come off for the removal of ash from the burn site  to the landfill.  The Treatment Plant  had a low temperature alarm due to a faulty sensor that will be replaced by Tammaro Oil.   

Mike Boies, Recreation Director, reported that a recent basketball tournament held two weeks previous was a success and that WCCC had built and installed new benches in the new dugouts.  Fire Chief John McPhee reported no problems.  Councilor Call stated that he should have an answer on the bunker gear within two weeks.  Steve Clarke, the owner of the Nook & Cranny restaurant, wished to donate a trailer next to the business for the fire department to burn in training.  The item was tabled for further consideration.

Other business saw a variety of items brought up for discussion.  Councilor Call reported that the Washington County Council of Governments is looking for participants and inquired as to rather any of the Councilors were interested in serving on the committee.   He will get back to them at a later date.  Comp Meetings are to get back on schedule  on March 27th.  James Moffitt volunteered for the Planning Board.  Town Secretary and two school staff participated in a MainePERS video conference last week.  Moses Cilley proposed a bid for the upcoming year of $23,300.00 for curbside pick up and $32.00 per ton for transportation to PERC.    The Council  decided to hold off on accepting the proposal although it was very reasonable  as curb side pickup may be something that is being considered to be cut from the budget.  Councilor Gayton also stated that if everything stays the same the town is looking at a mil rate of approximately 23.5 to 23.9 without factoring in any changes due to State funding   formulas.  Thus the item was tabled.

The high school needs a new roof and floors and the roof has to be fixed first.  Reserve money was discussed as a possible solution but is inaccessible and so it was suggested that a bond be placed for residents to vote on.   Once the work is done , Woodland Pulp LLC has agreed to take the old  roof to their landfill.  A unanimous vote for the approval of the abatement for Randall Curtis, account 785 in the amount of $370.11 for tax year 2012 as  recommended as well as  the approval of the abatement for CIT Communications Finance Corp. account 48 in the amount of $1,154.13 as recommended.

Budget Meeting continue on schedule, although the Town Budget will not be ready by the original date due to pending legislation in Augusta concerning revenue Sharing, BETE, Excise Tax, Homestead Exemptions and School Subsidies.  It was decided that in order to arrive at an accurate budget  more time was needed.

The Councilor Roundtable  brought up the importance of Comp Meetings.  Councilor call reported changes at the Municipal Building and Public Works garage have resulted in savings in fuel for the Town. A meeting  with Attorneys on a Town matter was scheduled. The TIF agreement  was found to have a couple of pages that needed resigning in order to be resubmitted to the State. 

The Public Roundtable was open to inquiries by Jim Moffitt  as to what was going on with the WWTP.   Councilor Call  stated that the Council was exploring the possibility of contracting out the operation of the plant due to the cost associated with providing necessary services and researching cost savings in other ways as well.   The Council is facing some tough decisions but they need to be addressed because the Town is being pushed to its limited financially and cannot continue as is.

On March 14th a Special meeting was held by the Town Council which began with the approval of the following Warrants:  Warrant # 67 dated 03/14/2013 for $11,933.48 and Warrant #68 dated 03/01/2013.  Jim Moffitt was appointed to the Planning Board.   The Baileyville elections will be held on March 25th as scheduled  but it was decided that the Town Meeting itself will be pushed to a tentative date of April 29th.

Discussion of the Councilors’ Roundtable  consisted of interest in a parcel of land that was adjacent to a local home that belonged to the town as well as an interest that had been previously stated by the Pentecostal Church  of another adjacent piece of property  town owned as well.  A possible covenant on the individual deeds rather than a sale of the properties will allow the use by the interested parties.   The TIF for Woodland/Baileyville Pulp has been granted  by the State.  On-going budget items include contractual services, insurance renewal and policies recheck for necessity of all that may assist in the completion and lowering of the budget itself.