Weekly Report Washington County Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriff’s Office has recently responded to an increased number of incidents involving potential suicide.  If you, or someone you know, would like to talk to anyone during a time of great emotional stress, the number for the crisis helpline is 1-888-568-1112.

02/22/2013: Jail Administrator Cpt. Rich Rolfe saw a satisfying finish to his first week on the job.  Rolfe states that he is working with a great crew and is eager to dig deeper into his role.

Sgt. Randy Perry responded to a call for a potential assault in Jonesport.  The caller declined to press charges, but Perry spoke to both parties and cautioned them to stay away from each other.

Deputy Ryan Allen, assisted by Sgt. Randy Perry, answered a call for a potential suicide in Jonesport.  The subject was found to be calm and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.  The weapon of which the subject had been in possession could not be found, so K-9 Dozer was deployed.  He found the weapon, which was seized by Perry.

02/23/2013: Deputy John Peterson responded to a call regarding a violation of a protection order and violation of bail conditions.  It was confirmed that the subject was making harassing phone calls to the victim.  With assistance from Deputy Shane Campbell from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, the subject was summonsed for Violation of Protection Order and Violation of Bail.

Cpl. Ralph Pineo performed a welfare and health check on an individual in Whiting.  Friends had requested a check be done as they were concerned the individual seemed potentially self-harming.  Pineo visited with the individual and found no cause for further concern.

02/24/2013: Sgt. Randy Perry responded to a report of vehicle theft in Milbridge.  The vehicle was not present when Perry arrived on the scene.  During the course of the investigation, Perry found the vehicle in question off a road.  He questioned the owner who admitted that she had an accident and didn’t know how to report it.  The owner was charged with failing to report a property damage accident by the quickest means.

02/25/2013: Deputy John Peterson served a protection order to an individual at his home in Danforth.  The individual was cooperative.  While at the residence, Peterson found and seized marijuana paraphernalia which was logged into evidence at the Sheriff’s Office.

02/26/2013: Deputy John Peterson responded to a potential criminal trespass complaint in Grand Lake Stream.  Once it was determined that the subject did not have a right to be on the premises, Peterson attempted to remove him.  However, by the time Peterson arrived at the property, the individual was gone.  Peterson has subsequently served the individual with a Criminal Trespass Warning.

02/28/2013: Sgt. Randy Perry responded to a single-vehicle accident on Route 182 in Cherryfield.  No injuries were reported.  The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind all drivers that, even though road conditions are improving, black ice can still be present.  Please drive carefully.