Dorothy Johnson


We have all experienced another Maine March week.  As we take two steps into spring, the weather takes us one step back into winter.  The mud season is almost upon us as the pulp companies pull their cutters and equipment from the woods roads and the mill is in a hurry to stockpile enough wood to get them to June.  All is as usual.

The small community took several hits this week as our neighbors and friends passed.  Sympathy is extended to all of the families experiencing loss.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Barry Wheaton, one of the best elementary school principals with whom I have worked.  Barry may be known by some as the greatest hunter in the area, but I remember him as champion of Princeton Elementary School students, their families and their way of life.  We send our thoughts to Barbara and the girls, Robin and Jill.

Sympathy is also extended this week to the family of Pat Donahue.  Pat had lots of friends in the area and a very supportive family.  Sympathy is sent to all of them.

Sympathy is extended to the friends and family of Linda Leonard.  She always was pleasant to be around and had a smile on her face.  She will be missed by her many friends.

Sympathy is also sent this week to the family of Audrey Moreside.  Audrey worked as a cashier at the IGA when I first came to Woodland.  She and I used to joke about how much my cats could eat and how I would not dare to go home without enough cat food.  She was always joking and laughing and will be missed in the community.

Sympathy is also extended this week to the family and friends of Estella Johnson. She was known as Mama to me, Grammie to the grandchildren, Aunty Belle to nieces and nephews and as Stella to her friends. She had a big heart and I know she will be missed.

The seniors held their spaghetti supper for Project Graduation last weekend and it was very well attended by members of the community.  The seniors and their parents worked very well together and earned a good sum toward their Project Graduation plans.

One event at the supper that was not planned was the need for an ambulance by one of the patrons.  Down East Ambulance personnel were there in no time and handled the situation very professionally. Witnesses said that some men and women who were not on duty but work for the ambulance, left their food on the table to respond to the immediate crisis. It is a real blessing to have the ambulance crew in town.

Welcome to a new resident on Washington Street.  Brayden Hamilton has moved in with Heather, Darrin, Tova and Kaylin Hamilton.  Everyone is very happy with this new boy in the neighborhood and can hardly wait to play with him.

Readers are reminded that the People’s United Methodist Church members are planning an Italian Night for their April supper to be held on the first Thursday of April, April 4.  This is a new menu for the workers and everyone is looking forward to it.

The date for the sing-a-long and hot dynamites at this same church has been set, but for some reason Big John can not remember when it is.  This sounds like a “dodge” to me, but I am staying on the hunt for that elusive date so everyone will know when it is.

Ashley Gallant has been in town visiting family.  She was barely in high school when she moved out of state and now she is all grown up.  We were all glad to see you Ashley.

Big Baileyville birthday wishes for this week (March 29th through April 4th) go out to the following:  Chelsey McGovern, Stacey Sprague, Sebastian Sanford, Andrew James, Andy Brown, Rodney Leighton, Chris Everett, and Jim Holmes.  May you all have a great new year.

Wedding anniversary wishes are going out this week to Earl and Patsy Hill and Kathy and David Irving.  Some of those numbers are getting up there.  Enjoy your special days.

Sunny thoughts and big “hellos” are going out this week to those feeling down or under the weather or those just tired of the weather Gloria Smith, Shirley MacArthur, Don Brown, Gladys McCray, Susan McCray and family, Roscoe Seeley, Madeline and Leo Perkins, Patsy Hanson, Blanche Haskins, Beverly Crosby and everyone else needing a lift.

Stay safe and have a great week.