Beckett Center News

Monday started with some going bowling at the Spednic Club, while the others stayed back and played bingo. In the afternoon we headed to WCCC for basketball practice and skill drills. They played a hard fought 5-on-5 game.

Tuesday the group left early in the morning and headed to Bangor for our Basketball Special Olympics tournament on Wednesday. For lunch we went to Wendy’s.  Next the gang went to check-in at Days Inn and then went shopping at different stores.  After the shopping, we went out to eat for a nice supper at the Ground Round. Then we went to the movies, then back to the hotel and got ready and went to bed.

Wednesday the crew went to the UMO Fieldhouse for the basketball games and skill drills. The Beckett Bombers won 2nd place and won 6 games and lost 2.  They did a great job.

Thursday everyone headed over to WCCC and played games, like washers and ladders.

Friday some did puzzles and others went shopping at Wal-Mart.  For lunch we had delicious cheeseburgers.  In the afternoon we watched a movie called Home Alone and it was very funny.

Monday some played bingo in the morning and others went bowling.  The afternoon was spent at WCCC practicing for Summer Olympic games in June.

Tuesday there was no swimming, so instead some went shopping for Healthy Snack, which consisted of oranges. Some also played Yahtzee.

Wednesday was a snow day.

Thursday morning some worked on puzzles and talked with their friends. The afternoon consisted of dance with Susan at the Washington Place here in Calais. Susan put together a good group of people which consisted of a person singing and playing guitar and some ladies danced and also FBC danced. The Washington Place enjoyed all music and dance.

Friday Morning some of FBC crew went shopping at WalMart. While the ones that stayed back played Wii bowling and Yahtzee. The meal for Friday was hotdogs and macaroni and cheese and for drink we had Crystal Lite. After lunch we had cake to celebrate a participant’s birthday.