Calais Lioness News

The March meeting for the Calais Lioness was held on the 6th at the Calais Motor Inn. We had a great turnout for a cool evening with 23 members and guests, Kristy Elsemore, Rita Lally, Georgie Kendall and Mary Elizabeth McAdams. 

Lioness President Jayna Smith Saunders brought the meeting to order quickly and business was dealt with in record time. We were missing our Secretary, Debbie Taylor, so minutes of the last meeting will be read at the next meeting.

Lioness Treasurer Laurel Perkins gave our financial report and quickly included money from our Tail Twister Lioness Lindy Coltart, who seemed to come around for money every time we turned around. Fined for no green, fined for no vest, fined if we talked, fined if we looked at her funny. But we still love her and she keeps our meetings in line as we tend to ramble occasionally.

Lioness Jessie Howard was absent from the meeting; but all who attended the Red Dress Dinner claimed it was a great success and a lot due to the chairman Jessie and all the Lioness who helped. We were able to give the Cardic Unit a grand sum of money.

Lioness President Jayna asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee. This was met with a great show of hands on the belief if they volunteer for the committee they don’t have to become an officer! Wrong-o

President Jayna requested an update from Lioness Becky Lacasse on the Yard Sale plans. Plans are in the works for April and a location and exact date will be decided at the next meeting.

Lioness Erica Consteadt is our chairman for the Spring Basket Tickets which will be handed out at the next meeting, a little late for Easter but will be in plenty of time for spring planting and warm weather. The drawing will be decided at the next meeting.

Lioness Social Committee Chairman Laurel Perkins announced the Charter Night plans for our next meeting of April 4th at the Calais Motor Inn. This is the 28th year for Lioness in Calais, Maine. We still have one active Charter member, Avis MacIntyre and we are hoping a number of other Charter Members in the community will attend our annual birthday party. 

Chairman Laurel, as always, will have some special things planned for the evening. 

Gala chairman Theresa Brown was absent at this meeting but the date of the event is May 3rd. This is the all-girl evening and Theresa has some great plans for the event.

Remember the theme is “Run for the Roses” The Kentucky Derby. Dress is whatever you would wear to the Kentucky Derby, which would include, of course, a hat!!!

Our guest speaker for the evening was Georgie Kendall. Georgie would like to present a Wine Tasting to benefit the Calais Lioness..... can’t imagine where she would get the idea that any of us would like a wine tasting..... But Georgie has some wonderful plans that sound like a great event for everyone. We are hoping Georgie will be at our next meeting and we can finalize a date and the event for the public. Keep watching the Lioness news articles to hear about it.

Our next meeting will be on April 4th., at the Calais Motor Inn at 6:00. This is our Charter Night and includes a dinner for members and their guests. Since this is our birthday month, the dress attire is always a little dressier and a very pleasant time to celebrate our charter members. So all Charter Members are invited to attend and catch up on the doings of the club. We will also be inducting three new members into the fold. We are planning a “spring basket auction” . As usual we will have our Secret Pal exchange and if you have an item for a door prize, that is always a welcome addition to the fun of the evening.