HealthWays/Regional Medical Center at Lubec Sponsors Blood Drive

Volunteers Stephanie Page and Tabitha Munson.

HealthWays/Regional Medical Center at Lubec partnered with the American Red Cross on March 18, 2013 to sponsor a Blood Drive at the Lubec Consolidated School Library.  Sponsors have an important role in maintaining the community blood supply and helping to save lives by working together to ensure there is adequate blood supply 365 days a year.  The recent winter storms have forced the cancellation of over 160 American Blood Drives in 8 states resulting in a shortfall of more than 6600 units of blood and platelets.  Tabitha Munson was instrumental in coordinating the event resulting in 37 units of blood being collected surpassed the American Red Cross’ goal of 30 units.    A heartfelt thank you is extended to HealthWays/RMCL staff members Tabitha Munson, Sonja Kinney, Terry Rier, Stephanie Page, Sarah Swallow, Julie Bradley, Lori Huckins, and all community members who donated blood – your participation was vital to the success of this event.