Resident Poised to Take Credit Union to Court

By Dorothy Johnson


Tim Roy is ready to take the Down East Credit Union to court.  This is his story.  Last fall as he was driving his 2000 pick up truck into the DECU parking lot at the Calais Branch on the corner of Union Street and North Street, he hit a “free-standing sign” used to promote DECU programs.  Mr. Roy went inside the bank and told officer workers there that he had run into the sign and damaged his truck. According to Mr. Roy, no one in the bank seemed interested in looking at the damage. 

Mr. Roy then spent the next few weeks trying to get the attention of Joe Moses or David Tozier, both administrators at the Woodland and Calais branches of DECU. (Meanwhile the free-standing sign was moved from the parking area to much closer to the front of the building.)After approximately three weeks, he reached Mr. Moses and Joe said, “Certainly we will fix it.”  His next step was to take the pick up to Charlie Towns” Auto Body Shop on Bailey Hill.  The estimate to repair the damages was $2100 so Mr. Roy said, “Go ahead and fix it and send the bill to the Credit Union.”

When the Credit Union received the bill for the repairs, it was sent on to the insurance company.  The insurance company said, “No.”  Now Mr. Roy has a repaired vehicle and a big bill.  The insurance company and Mr. Roy have been bickering back and forth and here it is April and the problem has not been resolved.  It seems that small claims court may be the answer and Mr. Roy is prepared to file suit. Mr. Roy insists that the sign placed “about 8 feet off Union Street” was an accident waiting to happen.

Joe Moses, EVP and CFO of the Down East Credit Union, said in a recent phone interview, “The Credit Union takes pride in going over and beyond in our relationships with community members.  We believe we offer the best services for members and nonmembers.  On this particular case, I have no comment.”