St. Croix Country Club

2013 Season Approaches at the “Croix”


Greetings from the chilly golf course office! I’m literally watching the snow melt as I write this message! Hopefully everyone receiving this note has already received a Spring Members’ Newsletter. If not, please the call the shop (454-8875) with your new mailing address, and I’ll get one out to you right away. There’s a lot of good info and dates regarding club events, a list of the current Board of Directors, a letter reminding members of upcoming clinics, and of course, the new dues rates. We managed to get the winter bills paid; now it’s time to stock the pro shop, bar and the grill. So, it would certainly help the club if members paid their 2013 dues sooner as opposed to later. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Ashley Macdonald and Pat Burke to the Board of Directors. Both are going to be great assets to our club. Ashley will also being serving as Club Treasurer. I would also like to thank Dennis Owen and Neil Lane for their years of service to the club.

I know it seems early to be thinking about leagues and events, but May and June will be here before you know it. We post the sign- up for Men’s Twi-Lite League the first week of May and start the league the first Tues. of June. Last season it was full in two weeks, so please get your name on the list in May, or call the pro shop and we’ll put it on for you. The Twi-Lite dues will stay the same for the 2013 $60.00! For a meal every week and prizes throughout the season, you can’t beat it! For a small nominal fee, I’ll put you on the winning team and you get a jacket out of the deal! I bet you didn’t know I had “Amazing Creskin-like” powers and can see into the future and stuff.......NOT.

Also, ladies, don’t forget to check on dates and times for the “free” ladies’ clinic during the month of May. Tentatively right now, I think we’re going to hold the clinic every Sat. during May at 11 am to 12 pm. Hopefully that will work, if not, I’m flexible.....well not as flexible as I used to be, but heck, who is?

Finally, it would be great to see everyone at the club opening dinner this year. We always have a great time and a good meal. And remember, this year at the opening dinner we will be entering the names and drawing out the winner for the “free membership” for 2014 season. As usual, thanks for your continued support of the St. Croix Country Club, Mike.