The Calais Advertiser Welcomes New Editor Amy Jeanroy

The Calais Advertiser is pleased to introduce the new Editor, Amy Jeanroy. Amy and her family have relocated back to Maine, after having to move away for her husband’s job. She and her husband Calvin have purchased a home in Robbinston. With 5 children, it’s a lesson in patience, trying to unpack and settle in. 

Amy has been working as a freelance writer/editor for many years, writing for The New York Times, as the Guide to Herb Gardens, and as an Editor for the food site: A book author, Amy writes for Wiley publishing. Her books about food preservation and family recipes can be found at the Calais Free Library. 

Working for a small town newspaper is a dream job for Amy. She and her husband chose Calais over 18 months ago, because it seemed to have the close, community feel that they were looking for. After finally selling the farm in Nebraska, the Jeanroy family was able to make the trip back to the state of Maine. The rest as they say is history. 

Amy can be reached at