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An exciting week here in Alexander as team BJ Wallace kicked off the very first rooftop relay for life sit-in, to raise awareness’ and money for cancer.  B.J. Wallace and Alexander 4-a-Cure Team appreciates everyone who stopped by and supported Rooftop for Relay at Randys’ Variety on April 17th, 2013. 100% of all money raised will go towards cancer research. Team BJ Wallace did an amazing job and would like to thank all those involved and those who assisted with this worthwhile cause. Team BJ Wallace on the very first one day try made over $800.00 for the relay for life organization, absolutely amazing from a small town. It surely can’t get any better than that; community support at its finest.

Lunch at Randy’s Variety included moose meatball subs, American chop suey, homemade rolls and dessert; while supplies last. Donations accepted for Alexander 4-a-Cure Relay for Life Team. Lunch was absolutely delicious!

Team Bj had lots of extra helpers, Cassie Oakes was selling footprints in the store and Carlo’s Jrs was assisting the gals outside dressed up as a clown in a delightful florescent pink costume. The simple slogan that all could appreciate was “ Cancer Stinks”, by an absolutely delightful skunk, who of course was joined by a rabbit. There was a lot of activity around Randy’s Variety On April 17th.

The Town of Alexander has lost one our finest; Dorothy Jean White loved her family and was always ready with a helping hand when needed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family at this time!

 Karen Holmes is a naturalist/citizen scientist living in Cooper. She is involved in several wildlife surveys.  Presently she is documenting spring hawk migration from an official national hawk watch site in Cooper.  This information and the “Winter Raptor Survey” she just completed is for the Hawk Migration Association of North America. Washington County has habitat for many kinds of raptors; hawks, eagles, harriers, falcons, and owls.  Very few sightings of most raptors were documented this winter on her assigned route from 191 in Cooper through Meddybemps to Route 214 and through Charlotte and down onto Route 1 in Pembroke. There were bald eagles, both adult and immature seen however.  The Maine Owl Survey Project ended this year and Holmes sent in sightings of saw-whet, barred and long-eared owls from this same route.  There is “The Arrival Project” ongoing and she will be sending in the dates of the first arrival of many species of migratory birds here.  Migration has been very slow this year so far and many species are just arriving now such as phoebes, swallows, sparrows, warblers, ducks, etc. She would appreciate any sightings of birds from readers!  Also there is a great blue heron project she is now volunteering to do and she is hoping that people will let her know where they see nesting of these herons during the spring and summer . She can be contacted at 454-2583 and at-

April Anniversaries are April 20th Eric and Tracey Brasier. April 23 Fred and Linda Wallace.

Birthdays for the month of April 2012, April 1st Ron Hill. April 2nd Sharon Cooper, Karen Herrick, Terry Holmes. April 4 Gene Lord, Angie Poole. April 6th Patsy Karen Davis. April 9th Violet Folsom. April 10 Michelle Hopkins, Allan Mclellan. April 11 Stephen Hopkins. April 12 Dana Davis. April 13 Dot Mcurdy, Joe Newman. April 15 Laura Jamieson. April 17th Joe Fossett, Eric Brasier, Eleanor Fecteau, Marty Colson. April 18th Phil McArthur. April 19th Carol Pollock, Al Carter, Diana Howell. April 20th Diane McAlpine. April 22nd Kit Pollock, Marian Rice, Chabre Poole. April 24th Matt Snyder, David McClure, Brayden Greenlaw. April 25th Kayla Smith. April 26th Cade Jamieson, Fern Garner, Wendy Maxwell, Joanna Korasadowicz. April 27th Brian Donovan. April 28th Kathy Hunnewell, Mark Knowles. April 29th Maya Mann, Suzzette Mullholland April 30th Phil McVicar. April 30th Phil McVicar.May 3rd Kathy Goodine. May 4th Evan Brown, Terry Lord. May 5th Shawna Mcdonough. May 6th Courtney Ayers, Larry Hill, Mary Beth Newman. May 7th Susan Hill, Vicki McVicar. May 8th Ryan Howell, Janet Perkins, Cheryl Poole. May 9th Chip Howell. May 11th Tyler Provencher, Gene Newell. May 12th Mike Smith, Marilyn Cislack, Melinda Allen. May 14thFred Wallace, Jameyson Brasier, Lily Connolly.

Get well wishes to Maxine Seavey, Frank Green, and Mary Wallace.

Lucky Loser 4/21 Sharon Cooper

Email or call with any news. or 454-0332. You can also drop of any news at Randy’s Variety.