Dorothy Johnson


We have been graced with seasonable weather for the last week and the warmth of the sun is welcome.  Still it is not quite scooter weather so I have a few more warm days to go before I hit the streets.  The sunshine has coaxed a few buds and the beginnings of leaves on my trees and the green rain has changed the appearance of the baseball diamond.  Everything is good to go.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Dot White who passed away last week after a long illness.  Dot was very active in community activities in her Woodland years as she brought up a big family.  After she moved to Alexander, she and her husband were active in snowmobiling and four-wheeling.  She will be missed.

The members of the People’s United Methodist Church are planning their public pork supper for the first Thursday in May, May 2nd.  This is usually their most popular supper.  Take-outs will be available by calling the church at 427- 3923       .

Because of the great toll substance abuse is taking on the community, Woodland High School and Woodland Pulp, LLC. Administrators have collaborated with Washington County: One Community to put on an awareness dinner and speaker for Tuesday, April 30th from 6:30 until 8:00 pm.  This meeting will be the kick off for future programs for alternatives for drug and alcohol abuse for all ages.  Anyone interested in working on these programs or anyone concerned about this community wide problem is invited to attend.

Big happy birthday wishes are going out this week (April 26th through May 2nd) to the following:  William Nicholas, Hannah Woodruff, Howard John Seavey, Herb Brown, Hope Howard, Becky Ramsdell, Rick Sears, Shaye Beers, Brian McLaughlin, Jody Deacon, Jordan Denley, Tim Miller, Josh Curtis and Ella Robinson.  Your friends and families are wishing you all a very special day.

A big “hello” and sunny thoughts are being sent to quite a few residents this week.  “We are thinking of you” to the following:  Sherrill Meserve, Blanche Haskins, Mike Emery, Ken Sprague, Roscoe Seeley, Rhana Larkin, Nada Williams, Karen Cooke, Trudy Poole, Robbie Redding, Lois Gagner, Cindy Pratt and Jan Bean

Several former Woodland Dragons came to town last Saturday for a celebration of Matt Call’s life and to support his family.  (I will be using maiden names when I do not know the married names.)  Jonathan Doucette and Jaime Doucette Chandler were here along with Jeremy Pottle, Brad Richard and Kristina Kelly Richard, Marty Richard, Mylissa McAlpine, Kris McAlpine, Nate Martell, Brian McLaughlin and Meridith Carle McLaughlin, Erica Pike, Kallie White, Melissa Harris, Stephen Hunt and Jamie Call.  It is always a good experience for me when I can check in with former Dragons, but this was just too sad an occasion.  They all seem to be doing well as they live their adult lives. 

Our number one Dragon fan Patsy Hanson will be finishing her radiation treatments by the time you read this column.  After resting a bit from the long daily trips to Bangor, Patsy is looking forward to playing the march for the Class of 2013. The seniors can hardly wait, Patsy.

With April vacation over and classes back in at local schools, it will be a challenge to keep the students on the track of education.  Baseball, softball and tennis teams will be traveling to games and leaving school early, senior will be planning graduation and looking forward to the end of public (free) education.  Warm weather will further strain the attention of the staff and students and all will be counting down the days.

Rich Nutter, a former Dragon coach, is now coaching tennis at Hampden Academy.  That team just had a new court built and Rich was on the Channel 7 Sports News on Monday explaining how much the new courts would improve and expand his program. Mr. Nutter certainly had many successful seasons in this area in tennis and volleyball. Good luck on a new season, Rich.

Local game wardens and state wardens are putting out warnings for wild animals moving closer to civilization.  Because bear and deer are hungry and their natural food is not ready yet, they (especially the bear) are looking for backyard snacks, bird seeds in feeders, garbage and grills.  Residents are urged to keep an eye out for these animals and to take a path of safety around them.

My family saw three deer eating out of Iris and Carleton Brown’s bird feeder a couple of weeks ago.  I saw three deer in the field between Treadwell’s old store and Gaytons’ residence.  I know the deer are moving and they are especially busy on both sides of Bailey Hill.  Drive carefully.

The town meeting has been changed from April 29 to May 13 at WES. Stay safe and have a great week.