Sharon Frost



April 26 - National Arbor Day (USA)

The St. Croix Valley International Garden Club opened with a luncheon of a variety of sandwiches, fruit salads, chips, sweets and tea or coffee at Whiting Community Center on Rt. 1 last Wednesday. There was a good attendance, an auction as well as a “white elephant” sale.

Tommy Wilson was in the area over the weekend, had coffee with friends. 

Senior citizens are the nation’s leading carriers of aids, hearing aides, band aids, rolaids, walking aides, medical aids, government aids and most of all, monetary aids to their children.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Billy and Wanda Brown at Women Brigham Hospital.

The annual birthday pot luck on Sunday noon - April 28 at Second Baptist Church.

The Sunday evening service at Second Baptist was “Great Debates in Church History: How should the church be structured?”  It was very interesting. Pastor Matt did a wonderful presentation.

Thursday, May 2nd, the VFW will meet at. St. Anne’s at 6 pm.

The Calais Regional Hospital held their annual meeting of trustees on Monday evening at the Country Club. A delightful supper was served. Mr. Lally, Everett Libby, Neil Lane, Larry Clark, Dr. Bob, Jim Thompson were speakers. Pat Fellers, past president of CRH auxiliary, gave a lovely report thanking and praising all the volunteers, expanded membership, donations to the hospital of 52,900 for EKG machine, blanket warmers and more. Held two book fairs, Baby Day, Donation Day, Easter basket raising over $800. Thanksgiving basket, Christmas Bazaar and our well earned Christmas dinner paid out of our Fun Fund and donating to the food pantry and finally our yearly scholarships, one to Woodland and the other to Calais.

Queen Elizabeth of England celebrated her 87th birthday on Sunday.