Calais High School

Quinn Sluzenski


The last week of April had a sleepy start as students returned from April break, telling stories of vacations that spanned to Florida and beyond.  Now firmly in the final quarter of school, the school year is picking up pace as students must prepare for next year.

The SATs are only two weeks away.  Every third-year student is required to take the exam on May 4th at the high school.  Although this event is generally dreaded by students, it is unquestionably a very important event for every college-bound junior.  All of the students taking the SAT test should bring in their ticket to Ms. Rice as soon as possible.

The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors all chose their classes for next year this week.  With new offerings such as a course on the history of Calais, as well as the typical varied selection, it can be difficult to choose.  Juniors were especially interesting in picking classes, as they have completed so many graduation requirements that they can explore a variety of electives.

Dominic Gayton was recently elected to Student Council Representative for the State of Maine. Dominic, who has been active in Student Council at Calais for many years, worked very hard for this excellent position.  He definitely both earned and deserved it for his tireless work ethic and scholarship.

Seniors are currently making a very important decision- what college will I attend next year?  The deadline for notifying colleges is very close.  Also, with prom in three weeks and graduation in five, it’s no surprise that seniors are on the edge of their seats in anticipation.  Big changes are coming!