Arline Flood



TOPS 256 met on Tuesday with a weigh-in and meeting. The KOPS were planning to go to a meeting in Bangor. Molly McArthur was in the hospital after doing well and we wish her a quick recovery. I usually pronounce Suzette Scott’s name wrong and now I misplaced her birthday which is April 24th. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pick on her. She is one of the TOPS KOPS and we are proud of all she does to maintain her weight. Jeff won the best weight loss basket and the raffle and Judy won the free week. These two are some of our hard working officers.

Our grandson, Paul P.J. Wheelock, visited at his parents Marcia and Paul’s last week getting in some fishing and visiting while in the area. He went home on Sunday in time to go with his family to Dover for Joshua Sinclair’s birthday party. We missed it this year because of other concerns. The birthday boy enjoyed all the gifts and outdoor fun.

Monday found Ralph and I out early on the long road to Togus Veterans’ Hospital where Ralph has twice yearly check ups on his RA. We stopped over with his sister Kay Sadler in Bangor for a visit and lunch. She wants to feed anyone that visits. She is 92 years young and still drives her own car. We thought we’d see more green grass and maybe some dandelions but it looked mostly dreary along the 95. What we did see were turkeys starting in Hilda Crosby’s blueberry field all the way when I had to stop to let a group cross the highway as we left the Togus grounds. All in all we spotted 6 different flocks. It used to be deer! We learned that their sister, Dot White, was now in hospice with the family close by. She lost her battle with Alzheimer’s on April 18th. What a sad day for us all. She was a warm hearted lovely person with a great sense of humor. She has passed on her many good traits to her children. They made the trip home and we had a great reunion with many that we hadn’t seen for a while, needless to say, that it’s a large extended family. We hope some of them will make it to the yearly reunion at the Meddybemps Community Center on August 17th.

My apologies to Pastor Joe for saying that he was in doctor. I used the capital initials DR for Dominican Republic and the typist misunderstood. Anyway Pastor Joe is home and had many exciting stories to tell in church yesterday. The church is preparing a party to honor Helen Brooks for the many years of service to the Meddybemps Christian Church on Sunday, May 5th at 5 pm. There is a sign-up sheet for the luncheon. Covered dishes and sweets are needed. Welcome home to Pastor Joe! Refreshments  were served following the service.

Sandy Lyon is home from St. Petersburg, FL after a week visiting her son Art, his girlfriend Melissa and children, ,Noah, Alley and Pam. It was a busy week from the time she landed to see a large group of family and friends holding up welcome signs, to the rough airstrip home with bumpy weather and a fussy child and two lap dogs in close quarters. It was a direct flight, thank God. She had a wonderful time and took lots of pictures.

I was talking with the Grange, Washington and West Washington, Deputy this morning and he said that he’d had a call from Charlie Bennett and his wife Elen had suffered a stroke and is bed ridden as of now. They usually head to their Wesley summer home in April and join us at our Grange meetings. Nate’s wife Jean is also house bound with pain caused from diabetes. Long time Jacksonville Granger Bill Richardson has recently passed away from a fall and heart attack. We wish both Elen and Jean better health.

Cathance Grange will meet again on Wednesday night at 7 pm All Grangers are welcome.

Pomona Grange will meet in Perry for the May meeting on May 7th at 7 pm preceded by a pot luck supper. We are excited about the first meeting of 2013. When I was talking with Rhonda Oakes she has invited interested people to attend the May 1st Grange meeting in Alexander at 7 pm.  They will be draping the Charter for three members.

Get well wishes to Hilda Lord who is in the hospital and to her husband Laurence who is also sick at home. The intestinal flu is kicking in everywhere and going through families one by one. Get well to all those who are sick or under the weather this week.

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson