NHS Induction at Calais High School

By Quinn Sluzenski.


Leadership.  Scholarship.  Service.  Character.  These are the four characteristics that students must excel in if they wish to join National Honor Society, a prestigious and long-standing organization.  On March 26th, seven students were inducted into the Calais High School chapter, led by English teacher Brandi Cline.

Casey Donovan, Conor McCadden, Josh Carr, Jordan Daley, Quinn Sluzenski, Kiarra Newell, and Jordan Hatch filed in at the beginning of the ceremony, excited to become a part of this group.  These students are very active in the school and in the community.  They are members of Academic Decathlon, Student Council, almost every sport the school has to offer, Math Team, and many other activities.  They listened as president Meaghan Cavanaugh welcomed all of the parents and other guests present.  The ceremony went on with short speeches and presentations from current members Sarah Smith, Megan Little, Logan Johnson, Mallory Drew, and Eleanor Fisk, as well as Vice Principal of Calais Matt Clark.

The guests speaker was introduced as someone who has “served three terms as city council member, one term as mayor, and been handsome all his life-” Calais alumnus Joseph Cassidy.  He spoke of all the great pride that Calais has in all of its National Honor Society members, as well as the amazing community that exists in this area.  After his excellent speech, the inductees lit their candles representing what attribute they would like to improve upon (leadership, service, character, or scholarship), recited the pledge, and signed their name in the National Honor Society book.

The ceremony was concluded as Mr. Clark and Mr. Cassidy presented the new members with their certificates.  Meaghan Cavanaugh gave the closing remarks and the formality ended as everyone congratulated the inductees and enjoyed some refreshments.  All National Honor Society members truly deserve congratulations for their accomplishments in every aspect of their lives.  The city of Calais is very proud of you.