Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition

Downtown clean-up is underway. Sidewalks and streets are being swept. Winter doesn’t feel like it is officially over until that last bit of salt and dirt is gone. Thanks to the Public Works Department of the City of Calais. It is so important for this area of the city to be spotless for revitalization efforts to be successful. 

Thanks to Hunter Snowman and Nathan Lozier who helped clean store windows on Main Street as part of their Community Service requirement at Woodland High School. It’s so nice to see shiny clean windows and hopefully this will inspire the entire city to clean away the winter. Just say no to the dirt and dust. 

April’s “Meet Your Downtown Neighbor” was hosted by Kendall Fine Jewelers. They put on a first class event as is everything at Kendall’s, don’t you think? Jayne Johnson and her staff are brilliant and the shop is gorgeous. We are fortunate to have this fine business in Downtown Calais. 

A bus tour from St. John, NB, will be visiting downtown Calais beginning Saturday, May 4. Thanks to an invite spearheaded by Anne Nixon and the Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition (CDRC), Finnsway will be stopping and hopefully shopping on a regular basis in the future. A special welcome package was put together by CDRC filled with coupons and special offerings for our friends from Canada. What a great idea! This is one of many new marketing ideas in the works. 

Get ready for the new Chair Affair! This fundraiser for CDRC was such a great success last year that it’s back by popular demand. Thirty area businesses have purchased chairs and are up for the challenge to decorate it for a special auction this summer. There is an enormous amount of creative energy in Calais when it comes to this event. Chairs go on display in front of businesses on June 1.

New lightposts have been installed and turned on in downtown Main Street in the block between Boston Shoe Store and Jo’s Diner and Pizzerina. This City of Calais project that included new sidewalks was funded by a Community Development Block Grant. Final touches are underway. 

If you don’t already have one, pick up your Downtown Calais sticker. They sell for $1 each and will help promote and revitalize our downtown area. You will find these available at downtown merchants. 

Keep in touch with happenings in downtown Calais. Like us (Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition) on Facebook and check out also. 

See you downtown!